CRM Idol 2012 Semi-Finalist

CRM Idol announced today semi-finalist selections for CRM Idol 2012 and SoftSolvers is, in with SECOND CRM.

As stated on CRM Idol webpage: Like the Americas, this was a tough one. The quality of the vast majority of contestants was exceptional this year – even more so than last year. There are a number of companies that didn’t make it to the semi-finals in EMEA/Asia/Australia that should enter next year and make sure that they stay in touch with the judges, because they have offerings that are well worth the effort and time they are putting into it. Its just that not everyone can be a semi-finalist. In fact, only 6 out of 17 can make it. And 6 out of 17 did.

Without further ado, we bring you, in alphabetical order, the CRM Idol 2012 EMEA/Asia/Australia semi-finalists!!
1. Artesian Solutions
2. Camp de Bases
4. SelfService Company
5. Soft Solvers Solutions Sdn Bhd

We here are at Soft Solvers wish to extend BIG thank you to all our customers for their continuous support and feedback which made this system evolve to become better over the time.


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