CRM Idol 2013 Semi Finals.

Second CRM is back in CRM Idol 2013 Semi Finals with roaring review to take us straight to Finals.

23 September 2013: CRM Idol announced semi-finalist selections for CRM Idol 2013 and SECOND CRM made it. We are honored to be back in Semi Finals amongst 44 amazing companies!

As stated on CRM Idol webpage: Well, everyone, here we are. After weeks of reference checks, mentoring, and demos - a rigorous process for all concerned, we have the names of the 12 semi-finalists. Yes, we do. These are the ones that are going to the next round.

The next round is a series of deep interviews with the senior staff of the semi-finalists. These interviews are for finding out more about the company than the demos could ever provide the time for. From this pool, 5 finalists will be chosen.

So, without further ado, say hello and congratulations to the CRM Idol 2013 Semi-Finalists!

1. SecondCRM
2. Introhive
3. Mindtouch
4. Digital Roots
5. BlueCamroo
6. Next Principles
7. AgilOne
8. UserVoice
9. Mothernode
10. Enterprise Hive
11. Twitspark
12. Cirrus Insight (Cirruspath)

We are very thankful to the Judges for acknowledging our work and rewarding us with kind words in last Saturday CRM Idol Review. Also a huge thank you to all employee, customers & partner for their continuous support which made this system evolve to become better over the time. All the best to all!

CRM Idol is an annual competition that provides CRM industry related small businesses an opportunity for exposure, resources and advice that would otherwise be unavailable to them. Read more: About CRM Idol

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