Second CRM supports GST

Second CRM supports GST in Inventory modules


Second CRM Inventory modules allow Customers to work with Quote, Sales Order, Invoice and Purchase Order for managing entire sales and purchase operations. With the upcoming GST implementation by Malaysian government, its mandatory for SME’s with more than RM500k revenue, to get GST compliance. With most of the current service providers focusing on compliance for Finance & Accounting operations, Second CRM helps SME’s to have compliance in the sales and purchase operations as well, to support overall GST Compliance.

Second CRM is one stop solution for managing Customers, Sales and marketing activities, Customer Support and After Sales activities and is designed to work for manufacturing, trading, services, construction, distribution, engineering, ICT, and specific industries like furniture, electronics, garments, insurance, food & beverages, used cars, spare parts industries, etc.

Second CRM has been available in Malaysia market for more than 5 years and have worked with more 100 customers, across various industries.
Please call +603 8320 5871 if you like to talk to Second CRM Consultant to discuss implementing GST in your invoicing.

Add GST in Inventory Modules

  1. Tax Calculation setup in CRM Setting.
    Before you can use GST in any inventory module, Admin need to setup the GST under Tax Calculation in CRM setting.

    To do so, click on CRM Setting > under Other Settings > click on Tax Calculation.

    Figure 1. Tax Calculation

    Figure 2. Product & Services Taxes

    Then, key-in GST and add the value 6 as shown below. Once done click [Save].

    Figure 3. Add GST

    Now you can see GST in the list of tax under Product & Services Taxes block.

    Figure 4. GST
  2. Add GST in Product.
    To add GST in Product, go to Product module and edit the product that you want to add a GST. Then, under Pricing Information block, tick on GST check box as shown below.

    Figure 5. Product Module

    Under Pricing Information block you can add the unit price or leave it empty.

    Once done, click [Save] and you can see GST under Pricing Information block as shown below.

    Figure 6. Product GST

  3. Produce Quotes with GST.
    Once done the step 1 and 2, you can create a Quotation with GST. When creating a quotation, under Item Details block, select the product and you can see the GST when you click on Tax as shown below. The GST will be auto calculated. Once done click [Save].

    Figure 7. Quotes with GST

    You can click here for more detail on Add Quotes.

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