Optima Innovations Case Study


Since 1998, Optima Innovations has been paving the road in forging a path for companies both big and small on the World Wide Web. They not only have an energetic, experienced, and creatively inspired team, they also embrace the latest cutting-edge Web technology and applications. Optima Innovations are a total e-solutions provider – they offer the complete suite of online services to solidify your company’s position ahead of your competitors and position your company to grow, evolve, and resonate with your target audience.


Second CRM’S interface is nicely designed and addresses our various needs in a CRM. It is user friendly and adaptable to my requirements. I recommend it as it helps us a lot in managing our data to improve sales in the long run.
- Ng Keen Yeap, Daniel

The Challenge

Despite being a company that has been around for a reasonably long time, Optima Innovations was on a growth curve and that had brought about many new challenges that were not there in the past. Managing growth has never been easy and they needed a reliable technology partner that could help them scale up as well as to digitally transform their organization. After having evaluated a number of technology companies, Optima Innovations decided to work with Second CRM. Some of their pain points were as follows.

  • As the company grew, so did their inbound leads that came from multiple channels. Optima Innovations found it difficult to manage all these leads and they realized that there was quite a bit that had slipped over time and had not been worked on. This was a huge loss in potential revenue.
  • Their sales team was also finding it tough to manage their pipeline since their data was in a number of different formats. This again cascaded down to their management reporting as they could not produce accurate and meaningful reports.
  • With all the loose ends found in the way they did things, invoicing had also been delayed since accurate information had not been passed to the relevant departments in a timely manner.

The Solution

The advantage of having worked with hundreds of customers gave Second CRM an edge to work with Optima Innovations. We could almost immediately identify their needs and pain points by speaking to their team members. The solution that was needed here is Sales Force Automation, which again is something that we have done many times over.

  • To begin with, we had laid out a thorough implementation plan and presented to the management of Optima Innovations. Besides being just a technology partner, we had also played the role of consultants and guided them in terms of putting processes in place.
  • Once all the processes had been agreed, only then did we move into the implementation phase. This is important because not all organizations do things the same way and we believe in tailoring technology that fits the organizational culture and values.
  • Moreover, being a service provider solely means that their customers have chosen to work with them not only because of the work they do but also how they get work done and maintaining this culture was a crucial aspect of the implementation.
  • As the next step, we implemented the Accounts & Contacts module which is the core of the system. This allows Optima Innovations to have their database in one central location that can be accessed anywhere anytime. This gave their Salespeople a huge advantage in terms of retrieving historical activities and shortening their sales cycle. They could now walk in to a sales meeting with more confidence and have all pertinent information at their fingertips.
  • As the next step, the calendaring function along with tasks and appointment management were implemented. With this, their salespeople could now integrate all tasks and appointments with their Google calendar and have access to these at all times. There were no more keeping customers waiting as the system was built with alerts and reminders. This ensured that every task that needed to be done was done in a timely manner thus increasing client engagement and satisfaction.
  • Following this, the Leads Module was implemented and now, all their leads, regardless of their origin, cascaded down into a central repository. This includes the leads that come from their website, events, and even social media. These leads would then be assigned to a particular salesperson based on the nature of the inquiry along with the regional assignment.
  • All sales processes, stages, and the entire pipeline could now be tracked with so much ease as the system does all these for them now. Having had all these in place, we then implemented the Reporting Module which took care of one of their biggest challenges, Management Reporting. Now, they could generate any report that they wanted, be it tabular or graphical and have it either emailed to them or placed on their dashboards. This totally transformed the way they looked at their business. Crisp decisions could be made based on relevant and meaningful data and this helped them improve their business tremendously.
  • Finally, we implemented the Invoicing Module which again helped to solve a lot of communication problems that they previously had. Today, their salespeople could create quotations and invoices on the go and this was integrated into their Financial system for their Finance Department to get real-time updates.
  • At the end of the six weeks that we had worked on Sales Force Automation for Optima Innovations, we successfully transformed their Sales Department to be more efficient, increased overall productivity and improved customer satisfaction.

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