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Malaysia SME: TM BizApp Store interview with Abyres founder


"Second CRM is a great online solution and an
easily learned application that is hassle free.”
Abyres Group of Companies founder
Mohamad Jamal Suleiman.

In the heart of busy Kuala Lumpur is the headquarters of Abyres Group of Companies, an open source information technology (IT) solutions provider and MSC status company. Their expertise lies in the areas of system integration, application design and development, solutions implementation, internet, intranet design, networking and database solutions. Helmed by its founder Mohamad Jamal Suleiman, it first opened its doors in 1997, and 15 years later, is still going strong.

According to Jamal, Second CRM is a great online solution and an easily learned application that is hassle free. He cites Second CRM’s emailing system as an example; “It reduces a whole heap of my time and more importantly, cost.

In addition, I can easily come up with the company’s forthcoming sales forecast with this system,” said Jamal. Information is just a click away; where with a click, Jamal is able to get information on his branch’s portfolios, employees’ daily work activities, client-sales person information, figures and numbers, and many more important details to assist him in the day-to-day running of his company.

The man behind Abyres leaves us with a couple of words of wisdom: “Whether people choose to believe me or not, [the reality is that] people are changing to cloud. We have to be ready for changes. With modernisation and globalisation, there is no way to just sit and compete in a traditional way. Don’t get yourself left out.”

Source: Malaysia SME OCTOBER 20 - NOVEMBER 2, 2012

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