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Case Study: Abacus

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Abacus Malaysia has been Asia’s leading provider of travel solutions and services since 1988. They aimed to create better customer experiences, optimist business operations and enhance competitiveness in the industry. Driven by a constant motivation to provide tailored support and service to each individual market, the organization has successfully expanded their business to 24 markets with over 20 000 agency locations across Asia.

Abacus Malaysia was having problem in keeping track and managing the information of all their clients. Due to the scattered database stored by each department, work was often delayed. The company immediately realized that they need a system that is able to synchronize data between departments while providing easy and quick access to any information from anywhere at any time. Second CRM was given the opportunity to help Abacus Malaysia with their operational needs and requirements.

The customization features of the Second CRM make it easy to fine tune the system to meet the unique demands of companies in the industry as it has successfully helped Abacus Malaysia organize its business development and operations.

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