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What is an Employee Self-service System?

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Employee self-service (ESS) is a popular and widely used human resources technology which enables employees to perform job-related functions like applying for leave, updating personal information, applying for reimbursement. All of the above functions are normally maintained by administrative staff manually. Employee self-service system is often available as a part of a large enterprise resource planning (ERP) or Customer relation management software (CRM) which often delivered by SaaS platforms.


Strategic Ways to Automate Business Operations

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In the digital era, market leadership is defined in terms of speed. An organization must adapt to market trends the fastest way, make decisions fast and adapt to processes quickly. Think of a typical day at work involving calls to makes, emails to send and answer, meetings to attend, tasks to follow up and even more. While these repetitive tasks allow successful operation of businesses, the major turn down is that they are time-consuming.



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