Strategies to Improve Sales

7 Reasons to Sell with a Discount and How?

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Some business owners might think of discounting as a bad thing. After all, it involves lowering prices, which means less revenue. However, offering discounts is a great way to boost sales by enticing prospects with the additional benefit of a lower-than-usual price. Think of it as a win-win situation, where the customer gets a product at a low price and the business gets to make a sale. However, discounting can be tricky when it comes to actually applying it to your products or services.

Take charge of your Sales force Automation: Part-II

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Quotes, sales orders, invoices and payment receipts are all part of the everyday sales process, whether you’re selling products or services. They can definitely be hard to manage and keep track of, especially if you run a high-volume business and expect to provide consistent, quality customer service. Cloud-based sales applications (like Second CRM) with built-in billing and invoice software can be powerful tools for managing these documents by helping users create and streamline them to make sales just that much easier.


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