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Case Study: MYOB South Asia

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Founded in Australia in 1991, MYOB is one of the first businesses to recognize the unique needs of small and medium-sized enterprises and provides them with powerful, accessible and affordable business management systems. As it evolved, the company has gathered a large base of loyal and successful customers across Asia. Aimed at alleviating an increasing administrative burden and giving business owners the necessary insights to run their businesses smoothly and successfully, the company has garnered the trust of many companies as a reliable accounting and business management software available on the Asian business market.

This On Demand Customer Relationship management tool has over the last 5 years been a reliable tool to our business, durable and a success to the customer support abss provide to her clients. Second CRM has also the advantage of being a user-friendly tool where users in the contact center can quickly get trained within a day or two on how to use it comfortably.
- Irine Lopez

With the sensational expanding of their business, MYOB has been constantly searching for a much reliable yet cost efficient way of handling the healthy expansion. Previously, they were using Oracle’s Siebel CRM to manage all their high scale transaction volumes. Unfortunately, the exorbitant cost of maintaining the CRM along with limiting space for growth set the well-established company on a path to search for a new option that would improves the way data are managed and collected. MYOB decided to opt for another CRM that offers an array of services that precisely suit the company at a more reasonable price, and this is where Second CRM came into picture.

As a CRM that truly understands the necessity for innovative practices in the world of business, Second CRM had successfully helped MYOB with the implementation and migration of their entire business process into a customized CRM.

The collaboration with MYOB is, indeed, the most astounding and delightful accomplishment in the journey of the Second CRM’s team. This mark the first achievement for the Second CRM’s team which ultimately won us the 2010 Silver award for Best CRM Implementation.
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