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Manage your Support Contract Efficiently

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No man is an island. The same goes with businesses, which often rely not only on clientele but also other businesses in order to keep functioning. If you rent office space, think of the custodial staff, or the company you outsource advertising to. These services are often managed using support contracts, which are formal agreements to provide services for a set length of time.

As they can be near vital to the very functioning of a business, managing support contracts efficiently and accurately is key to staying on top of your business processes. Imagine if there were a catastrophic failure of all the computers in the office, and you’ve only just noticed that your IT support contract had expired last month. Instances such as these can have significant impact on your business. Countless productivity hours would be wasted on employees who are unable to work, not to mention additional costs levied for emergency support service.

Cloud-based sales applications (like Second CRM) can be powerful tools for . It’s not particularly difficult to do either, with the way Second CRM is designed to be efficient and intuitive for the most novice of users. This post is a simple, basic and instructional introduction to creating and managing support contracts with the Service Contracts module in Second CRM.

contract management

Creating a support contract

Here’s an example of what a support contract in the Service Contracts module looks like:

create service contract

From here you can see information such as the contract start and end date, who it is assigned to, the related account and more. Another important field is the total and used units, which tracks the number of service instances offered and those that have been used. This could refer either to services offered by you to another business, or vice versa.

You can see more details about service requests related to this contract by clicking on the [Service Requests] tab on the right.

To begin creating a service contract, click on the Service Contracts module and click [+ Add Service Contract]. Fill in the fields with the relevant information and click Save.

add service and product

Inputting the various products and services offered by your company in Second CRM makes creating documents easier, as you can simply select the relevant service from a menu. You can search for an existing product or service using the magnifying glass icon, or quick create a new one with the [ + ] icon, shown above.

Linking service requests

To link a service request to a particular service contract, you should create the service request from within the detail view of the related contract. Go to the detail view of the relevant service contract, as shown in the first figure, and click on the [Service Requests] tab on the right.

link to service request

From here, click on the [+ Add Service Request] button and follow the prompts, entering the relevant information. Click [Save] to finish.

Managing service contracts

manage service contract

You can use the filtering function to locate and manage the service contracts within Second CRM. You can apply a filter to show only support contracts out of all the other contracts you may have, show contracts expiring on that particular month, or filter by related service. Click here to more about creating custom filters.

An administrator can create a workflow to send reminders to selected recipients when a service contract is about to expire. Learn more about creating workflows and explore the various functions of Second CRM with the User Manual.

Keep thorough records

Keeping thorough records in Second CRM will always make navigation easier. It allows Second CRM to work for you, making generating support contracts and warranties easier, besides keeping track of everything you’ve done and plan to do to close the deal.

This way, you won’t lose track of which stage of the sales process you’re in with a customer, and will be able to organise and provide exceptional after-sales service, giving you the ability and peace of mind to run your business how you want it.

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