The world’s largest quick-service restaurant chain, McDonald was first opened in Singapore in 1979. With more than 150 franchises across the island, it has serve over 1.2 million customers each week and without a doubt, has become a progressive and well-known hamburgers franchises in the fast food business. Fuelled by hard work and positive work ethics, McDonald Singapore now has around 9,000 employees to keep the people’s favourite restaurant running smoothly.

User Requirements

McDonald is a consumer-based business that puts customer’s satisfaction above all else. Due to this pertinent matter, the company realized that the need for a system that would allow them to deliver high levels of customer service are inevitable. Before CRM was implemented, McDonald Singapore was struggling to stay updated to each and every one of their customers’ needs. The problem ensues when the response has to be collected from various sources such as forms, e-mails and website, making the process somewhat of a pain for the customer service team. Besides that, there were no centralized database to store the related information into the one single platform that would facilitate a faster and more accurate support. McDonald Singapore was also looking for an easy way to generate report since the business was using the time-consuming method of detailing everything in spreadsheets.


The implementation of Second CRM into the McDonalds Singapore’s management is mainly to assist their Customer Satisfaction department. All of the responses are collected into the CRM from disparate sources such as Facebook, e-mails, website and feedback forms.

Second CRM allows the team to easily stored feedbacks from their customers into one consolidated system, providing painless access to hundreds of customers’ information.

  • Based on each e-mail sent by the customer to McDonald Singapore, the CRM will automatically generate a case in the Service Request module. Responses such as complaints, compliments, and enquiries will be stored in the module for further action.
  • Once the e-mails has successfully been logged in as cases, the supervisor will review each of the cases before converting them into Issue using the Calendar module. Based on the Main Category, Sub-Category and Zone, the issues created will be assigned to the customer care team accordingly. This feature has tremendously helped the department to respond to their customers’ feedbacks in a more organize and timely manners.

Second CRM is an award winning business automation solution, designed to make medium to large corporations more productive, by automating their business operations, using Internet and mobile technologies. Second CRM focuses on improving sales & marketing, customer support and operations.