Successful Project Management

Having challenge in project portfolio management? We actively supports you with multi-project and program management.
With our project portfolio management system, you can automatically access the required information from individual project portfolio so it will be easier for you to create a big picture from these information for a successful project management

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Planning and Resource Allocation

Second CRM supports your organization in project planning from small plans up to large projects which makes it easier for resource allocation. For a successful project management process, you can have your company-wide resource availability easily be tracked to ensure accurate resource allocation from time to time. Availability of employee can automatically be taken into consideration to ensure alignment in resource allocation as employees' sick leaves and vacation will be directly shown through updated dashboard, ensuring a successful project management for your organisation.

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Personalised Operations Dashboard

Second CRM allows you to customize your operations dashboard, reports and more so that you have a successful project management. This company-wide operations dashboard offers a clear overview of all current and planned projects. We offers various filters as well as the ability to directly drill-down in concrete projects. With that, you can create forecast reports based on your operation dashboard which give you an idea of the overview of project progression, based on the current status of the project for a successful project management process.

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Communication Management Plan

For an effective communication management plan, everyone in your team always has access to the latest version of all project documents. You can now work together on rich documents, presentations and spreadsheets using our online documents tools. Stay informed with comments and updates and set a workflow to automate updates whenever a project milestone is created as a way to enhance your communication management plan. You can send updates up the organisational chain to managerial staff or to clients, keeping relevant parties informed of project progress at all times for a successful project management process. A built-in comments board also facilitates communication between assigned users, encouraging collaborative effort in resolving issues and completing tasks. Lastly, You can also define custom workflows and rules to assign a bug fix to specific technicians, making projects more efficient to ensure successful project management for your organisation.

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