Software As A Service

Software As A Service

Some of the Software As A Service Challenges

  1. Having large number of users, SAAS companies need effective ways to manage their subscribers by keeping track of records and new subscriptions in the best possible manner.
  2. Measuring churn rate, customer lifetime value and average customer expectancy is difficult for SAAS companies. Without proper systems in place, SAAS companies is not able to adequately draw meaningful information for improving performance.
  3. Managing subscriptions, invoices, billing and collections.
  4. Engaging prospective customers more often becomes critical to establishing rapport & customer loyalty. Doing this manually with a huge pool of customers is close to impossible.
  5. Increasing retention rates and having customers on-board longer.

How Second CRM can help

step by step journey

Subscription Management

An end to end subscription management module is built in Second CRM. This automates this entire job scope with minimal human intervention to best optimise employee time for other important priorities.

  • Right from the first point of contact, the system takes the customer on a step by step journey from registration to sign up.
  • Automated workflows are triggered based on the type of customer thus providing a white glove service and making it the best enriched experience for customers in SAAS companies.

implify complicated data

Simplify complicated data for effective analysis

In Second CRM, you can now categorise sign-ups, activations, trials, upgrades and downgrades which in the long term will improve the efficiency of your company. Not only do these metrics provide critical input to SAAS companies product development, you can also dramatically increase the effectiveness of sales and marketing.

  • Some user analysis you can perform with Second CRM:
    • Number of active users.
    • Percentage of users who were subscribers.
    • Conversion rates.
    • Number of free trial vs paying customers.
  • Some web analysis you can perform with Second CRM:
    • Number of traffic.
    • Sources sending the most traffic.
    • Devices where visitors use to get to website.
  • Some growth metrics you can perform with Second CRM:
    • Number of new users gained per month.

Quote and invoice

Billing Automation

With Second CRM, you can now automate your accounts payable workflow. Capturing subscription information along with the financial information and collating them into a document has never been easier.

  • Draw billing information from the built in product carts and tabulate these automatically in a document.
  • Automatically send out invoices triggered by a previous activity to the right people in the organization for the best invoice management.
  • Archival of documents online and easily access them on the fly.
  • Online Payment Portal for self-service customer experience. Customers are also able to track status of payments made in the best possible manner.
  • Automate the renewal of contracts and generate the relevant documents.

Send automated Birthday Greetings

Engage Your Customers

Engaging your customers in SAAS companies as often as possible is vital in building rapport and customer loyalty. In Second CRM, we incorporate your customers’ data and contact information in your backend system, so you can get communicating. Update them on company news and updates, announce sales and exclusive offers, ask for their opinions etc.

  • Constantly keep customers up to date with your latest promotions
  • Send Monthly / Quarterly Newsletters
  • Send automated Birthday Greetings
  • Send Periodical Or Event Triggered Surveys To Customers


Increase Retention Rates

Being a service oriented business, customers may not be able to directly see value from the services engaged. With Second CRM, you are now able to keep them on-board longer with attractive discount vouchers and you could manage this entirely through the system.

  • Generate unlimited vouchers based on multiple parameters
  • Automatically assign vouchers based on certain logics (New Registrations, Minimum Spending Limit Achieved, Birthdays etc.)
  • Print Vouchers & Review Voucher Analytics

Back Office for Software As A Service

Other benefits

  • Maintaining Client Information and History – capture and track all activities and information relating to your clients in centralized system
  • Track and log conversations – improve time management and best practices through automation of everyday tasks and hotlists
  • Document management – keep all electronic documents in one central location
  • Comprehensive reporting - simplify your information with real-time, easy to read reports with graphics for better management
  • Access anywhere – utilize management, customer service and sales modules via any mobile or web-enabled tablet
  • Role based Access – who has access to which information or document for which customer

Tip: You don’t have to automate every business function from day one, you can implement system slowly in phases, giving your team time to learn and adapt.

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