Media & Publishing

Media & Publishing

The media industry is changing faster than ever. Success in this new, connected age means tapping social, mobile, and cloud technologies to engage with customers. Media and Publishing houses have to manage consumers of the media on one side and the advertisers or sponsors on the other and managing them effectively will lead to sustained growth and profitability.

Time is money, and nobody knows that better than a Media and Publishing house – power to bring in new business and help your customers be successful and maintain the all-important dynamics of your relationships.

Some of the Challenges

  1. Adding new customer bundles, products, promotions, and locations could be major tasks, requiring IT intervention and weeks of delay.
  2. Disparate data sources make analysis of sales and marketing activities cumbersome and inaccurate.
  3. Lacking a formal process for collaboration between sales, service and marketing teams to solve customer and prospect issues.
  4. Lack of integration between multiple systems may lead to data inaccuracies and inconsistent processes.
  5. Lack of a single view of advertiser and subscriber customers, resulting in duplicate data that impacted service quality and the ability to grow the business.
  6. Track a lead from when it is created, through the sales process and, ultimately, until the sale is completed. Also along the whole sales process, capture prospect information to be used by business development team as they continually develop sales pipeline.
  7. Smooth billing process [Quotes, sales orders, invoicing, payment], keeping consistency especially when business model involves multiple product lines and combinations of one time and recurring billing.
  8. Significant report generation delays resulted in a lack of real-time business insight and analysis.

How Second CRM can help

There are many modules and features in Second CRM that can be implemented to take care of the specific challenges of a Media & Publishing house, including many out of the box and some specially configured or customized for specific needs:

minor actvities and updates

Advertisers and Sponsors

  • Lead management and automated routing – consolidate leads from email, website forms, and social networks and automatically feed your sales team with interested contacts without delay and track where the win has come from
  • Track communication and reminders for timely follow ups and meetings with potential customers, help closing sales faster
  • Manage sales process – generate & send quotes, sales orders and invoices, directly from the system. Integration with backend scheduling system allows easy talking with customers, while discussing time slots
  • High performance sales team – manage sales team and track their daily activities, define territories and sales target and review your sales people performance
  • Integrated Project Management for managing the end to end delivery with real time tracking with dynamic dashboard (overview of project status at-a-glance)

Media Consumers (viewers, listeners, reader)

  • Customer Survey tools for gathering info about who your consumers are and profiling them for designing better targeted content and ongoing feedback via polls or contests for continuous improvement
  • Managing the subscription for timely billing and better customer experience for the paid content
  • Customer service module – resolves problems instantly to avoid any knock-on effects of customer issues

Other benefits

  • Maintaining Client Information and History – capture and track all activities and information relating to your clients in centralized system
  • Track and log conversations – improve time management and best practices through automation of everyday tasks and hotlists
  • Document management – keep all electronic documents in one central location
  • Comprehensive reporting - simplify your information with real-time, easy to read reports with graphics for better management
  • Access anywhere – utilize management, customer service and sales modules via any mobile or web-enabled tablet
  • Role based Access – who has access to which information or document for which customer

Tip: You don’t have to automate every business function from day one, you can implement system slowly in phases, giving your team time to learn and adapt.

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