Non Profit

Non Profit

While for-profit businesses are focused on engaging customers and convincing them to buy products or services, nonprofits have the task of trying to sell ideas. Whether it’s humanitarian, political, environmental, or anything in between, selling ideas is always a unique challenge.

In good economic times and bad, non-profit organizations face several challenges. They must constantly seek new funding sources, maintain relationships with existing donors, and hold the line on operating costs while delivering high quality services.

Using a proper Business Automation Solution offers Non-Profit organization all the necessary tools to manage the funding pipeline, stay engaged with the donor community, and monitor the effectiveness - and compliance - of service delivery.

Some of the Challenges

  1. Fundraising difficult for nonprofit because of poor demand planning.
  2. Struggled with collection of information with no centralization of data and difficulties accessing key information.
  3. Inordinate manual work and duplicate data entry consumed the time.
  4. No automated tools for business growth, such as renewal reminders, online marketing or data analytics, making it difficult to maintain and grow the subscriber base.
  5. High IT costs to deploy, maintain, upgrade and patch on-premise software, servers and backup systems.
  6. The other important challenge for any Non-Profit organization is to record, track and maintain all the requests from the donors, regarding anything. This could be the biggest demotivating factor for the donors, if their requests are hanging for long and nobody responds.
  7. Smooth onboarding process [registration, credit card details, monthly updates, etc], keeping consistency especially when donor base is diverse and physically in far off locations.
  8. Lack of real-time information and reporting obscured visibility into financials and operations, resulting in guesswork and delays.

How Second CRM can help

There are many modules and features in Second CRM that can be implemented to take care of the specific challenges of a Non-Profit Organisation, including many out of the box and some specially configured or customized for specific needs:

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Donor Management

  • Plan and execute multi-channel campaigns for donor acquisition and track which channel brings in the most valuable donors
  • Lead management and automated routing – consolidate leads from email, website forms, and social networks and automatically feed your acquisition team with interested donor without delay
  • Streamline and automate as much as possible, the donor’s onboarding process, online signups, payment processing, notification to bank, assigning to gift delivery guys, thank you letters – et all
  • Manage donor pledges, renewals, tracking cancellations, etc. for your customers. Automated notifications and alerts for not missing any important dates
  • Donor portal for self-servicing donors, for serving them anytime anywhere and saving precious human resources too
  • Survey tools for gathering info about who your donors are and profiling them for designing better targeted content and ongoing feedback via polls or contests for continuous improvement
  • Track communication and reminders for timely follow ups and meetings with potential donors, help closing donation commitments faster

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Manage Programmes

  • Project Management is the single most important tool for managing the various programmes organized in any Non-Profit organization, ensuring everybody knows what is expected and by when. Real time tracking with dynamic dashboard (overview of project status at-a-glance)
  • Shared Calendars and Task Management helps tracking appointments, meetings and reminders, will not allow anybody to miss things
  • Issue tracking module – reports, track and resolves problems instantly to avoid any knock-on effects on the overall programme success
  • Monitor the progress of different activities and tasks with real-time reports and rules based escalations
  • Feedback about programme effectiveness and continuous improvement is critical for growing your brand and credibility, using survey techniques

Other benefits

  • Maintaining Client Information and History – capture and track all activities and information relating to your clients in centralized system
  • Track and log conversations – improve time management and best practices through automation of everyday tasks and hotlists
  • Document management – keep all electronic documents in one central location
  • Comprehensive reporting - simplify your information with real-time, easy to read reports with graphics for better management
  • Access anywhere – utilize management, customer service and sales modules via any mobile or web-enabled tablet
  • Role based Access – who has access to which information or document for which customer

Tip: You don’t have to automate every business function from day one, you can implement system slowly in phases, giving your team time to learn and adapt.

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