How to Become Referrer

Want to become a Referrer? Follow few step below:

To become a Referrer, you must register yourself as Referrer first at Partner Programme Application.

Once registered, we will call you and send you an email contains all the information needed including login details to Second CRM.

After become a Referrel, you can login to portal with given id.

Once login, you will see page as below:

ssm referrer dashboard

Then, follow below step to create new lead.

  1. Click [Leads] module at navigation area as below image:

    referrer new lead

  2. Then, list view page will appear as below:

    referrer lead list view

  3. To add new lead, click [+ Add Lead button as shown below:

    referrer add new lead

  4. Once you click Add Lead button, you will see the page as below. The field with asterisk ( * ) is the mandatory field.

    If the leads already confirm and you would like Second CRM team to follow up, please enter the complete info which are First Name, Last Name, Company, Phone or Mobile Phone, Email and Description (for any other info).

    referrer add new lead details

  5. Once done, click [Save] button.

Once the Second CRM take over the lead, you may check the in progress follow up lead from Potential module. The lead which is not interested will stay in lead and you may check the status in lead.

To check potential status:

  1. Click [Potential] at Navigation tab, and the potential list view will appear as below. You may see the status in Sales Stage column.

    referrer potentials

  2. If you want to see only the closed sales, you may see the list under [Potential Won] filter as below:

    referrer potentials won

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