Partner Programme FAQ’s

I want to refer, resell and/or offer implementation services for Second CRM. How do I apply for a Second CRM Business Partner Programme?
Review the Second CRM Partner section, learn the various types of partners and submit your application for the type of partnership you are interested in. Our partner team will review your application and then contact you normally within 3-4 days to discuss your application further.

I want to integrate my software solution or develop an add-on module for Second CRM. Do you have a Programme for this?
Yes. We offer a set of resources for developing and promoting your solution as a complementary offering to Second CRM's products. Please start by visiting our Application Partners section here.

We are a Business Association and are looking for different ways to help our members improve their operations. Do you have any Programme's for this?
Yes. Second CRM works with Business Associations in creating awareness among their members. Please start by visiting our Community Partners section here.

As a partner, what are the guidelines for using Second CRM’s branding in association with my company?
Please refer to these Partner Branding and Logo Usage Guidelines.

Is there a cost to become a partner
Yes. Partnership for Companies in the Second CRM Business Partner Programme is an annual subscription, though there no fee for individual partners. Each partner type has a corresponding annual fee. See the benefits matrix for the fees. Also annual subscription for the first year is waived, because we want our partners to first believe in the Programme and then only start paying.

Do partners under the Second CRM Partner Programme get access to the software for internal usage?
Yes. Business Partners (Reseller) receives 5 not-for-resale internal use licenses of Second CRM ENTERPRISE. Consulting Partners (Implementer) receives 10 not-for-resale internal use licenses of Second CRM ENTERPRISE.

Additional user licences are provided at a discounted price.

Access to licenses will be revoked, if partnership is not renewed annually.

Is there a partnership agreement that I can review?
Yes. A copy can be made available upon request. Please email us at

Why shall we choose to build a practice around Second CRM?
Here are some of the many important reasons partners choose to build their business around Second CRM:

  1. The Second CRM Partner Programme offers a wealth of sales, marketing, technical and educational benefits to actively support partners in building and growing a more profitable business.
  2. Partners receive early access to pre-release versions of Second CRM (beta releases and release candidates) before they are generally available.
  3. Pre-release training on topics such as upgrades, new features and functionality, administration, and tips & tricks.
  4. Membership to the Second CRM Partner forums, a critical asset to partner productivity.
  5. Deal assistance from the Second CRM Partner Alliances team.

Do the licenses for Second CRM allow me to make code level modifications for my clients?
Since Second CRM is a cloud based application, the source code is not available to partners for any customisations, though there are many configuration options that are available for partners to help their customers in implementing business processes, and web based API’s for creating more seamless integration with existing systems.

However, in special cases, if customers need some code level customisations, partners would have to work with Second CRM technical support team to get the quote for their customers.

Second CRM is an award winning business automation solution, designed to make medium to large corporations more productive, by automating their business operations, using Internet and mobile technologies. Second CRM focuses on improving sales & marketing, customer support and operations.