Partnership Types

strategic partners

Business Associate (Referrer)

Passionate individuals and even companies that may not have proper sales structure, but meet lot of businesses, who might need Second CRM solution, can refer them to SoftSolvers direct sales team to close. Business Associates who identify and refer new business opportunities are eligible to earn referral fees once the sale has closed. Apply

Business Partner (Reseller)

Highly sales oriented companies or individuals focused on pure selling, help spreading Second CRM solutions to places where SoftSolvers alone cannot reach, achieving our vision to provide automation solution to every business.
Business Partner option offers a foundation for companies looking to develop a profitable Second CRM practice. Partners receive access to training, extensive marketing tools and assets, Second CRM license for internal use, a demo environment, recognition of status on Second CRM website, generous margins on new take out as well as renewal subscriptions, plus additional rewards for overachieving your new take out goals, and much more.

consulting partner

Consulting Partner (Implementer)

Professional services firms that provide a wide range of consulting expertise including implementing software solutions, integration to back-office systems, process and change management, and strategic business services to help deliver Second CRM solutions to customers.
Consulting Partner organizations get all of the benefits of Business Partner plus dedicated channel management resources, eligible to participate in the Second CRM Partner Advisory Board, recognition of status on Second CRM website, exclusive executive reception at partner conferences, additional resources commensurate with your increased commitment to Second CRM and the highest margins and additional rewards for exceeding your goals and growth objectives.


  Business Associate (Referrer) Business Partner (Reseller) Consulting Partner (Implementer)
Typical Mode of Operation You met (or actually sought out) someone who’s interested in Second CRM

Register Lead on Partner Portal

SoftSolvers Direct Sales will do the follow ups till its closed

Upon Closing Sale you will get your referrer fee
Your Sales & Marketing generate leads interested in Second CRM

Register lead on Partner portal

You do the complete sales, demo and follow ups till its closed and hand it over to SoftSolvers
Your Sales & Marketing generate leads interested in Second CRM

Register lead on partner portal

You do complete sales, standard implementation and level-I (L1) customer support

For the modifications / issues that require changing source code, coordinate with SoftSolvers
Eligibility Individual or Company

No Experience Required
Registered Company (Independent Sales Professionals also need to have a Company registered)

MUST be in some related business, like hardware, training, or other software provider

MIN 1 sales person
Registered Company

MUST have software consulting or service provider as primary business

MIN 1 sales and 1 consultant / support person
Note: Business Associate and Business Partner options are available only in those countries, where either SoftSolvers has its own local presence or through another Consulting Partner.
Becoming Partner Register with Second CRM

Attend OYB Workshop / Online Skype session

Attend Second CRM Business Partner Portal Training (Online)
Register with Second CRM

Attend One day Second CRM Business Partner Training (at least 1 person)
Register with Second CRM

Attend Two days Second CRM Business Partner Training (at least 2 persons)
Annual fee (For Company Partners) NA US$1000
(waived for first year)
(waived for first year)
Note: For complete details on the Second CRM Partners Programme benefits, terms, commission structure, etc please complete the Partner Registration Form.

Some sought after characteristics

  • Established or Aspiring business with strong urge to be Successful
  • Business automation / CRM consulting and implementation experience, though not must, but intent to build it over time, must be there
  • Ability to commit and deliver on a revenue target
  • Availability of dedicated sales and marketing resources
  • Strong fit between Second CRM and Partner's services
  • Strong overlap between Second CRM's and Partner's target audience or customer base
  • Ability to establish and maintain pipeline of customers and generate steady flow of leads

application partners

Application Partners (ISV’s)

Commercial independent software vendors (ISV’s) and application developers, who build complementary and/or standalone applications that may integrate and extend Second CRM applications and distribute on a standalone basis.


Community Partners

Community Partners work with Second CRM in creating awareness among SME’s across various industries and sectors. Business associations, Commerce chambers, Govt agencies for small business and other organisations, who wish to enhance the productivity and efficiency of their member companies.

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Second CRM is an award winning business automation solution, designed to make medium to large corporations more productive, by automating their business operations, using Internet and mobile technologies. Second CRM focuses on improving sales & marketing, customer support and operations.