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Why Business Automation?

Your time is better spent growing your business, rather than managing your business!

Once a business start selling or even start prospecting, you need to track who you met (leads), what happened in the meeting and what next and when to do the next follow up. Having all this information in a common place that you can access from anywhere and anytime, helps you to plan and take better decisions and easily share among your other colleagues.

Once lead turns into a customer, you need to bill them or maybe even before that have to give them a quotation. Keeping track of all the quotes and bills is not that easy, especially if your business starts to grow well, things can easily go out of control if everything is in your head or maybe on few papers or even in an Excel spreadsheet.

Just imagine, you now got 100 customers and they all need to be billed every month and on different dates... and you also provide customer support, getting around 10 complaints every day and different people work on fixing them… I’m sure anybody can go crazy with a phone call who ask if a certain complaint is fixed… but you are thinking if this guy has already paid for this month or not or worse… who’s this guy

Besides this there are many other things that you need to keep track of like, when is the warranty expiring for each customer, sending alerts on payment due, goods delivered, managing appointment and reminders, assigning tasks to team members and generating various reports, and so on…

If you are doing this day in day out, when will you grow your business?

And this is why you need a Business Automation Solution.

A properly implemented Business Automation Solution can provide a wide range of automated sales, marketing, customer support and backend operation features that not only free employees from routine tasks, but also provide valuable information that helps target the customers who drive the most profits.

When do you start planning implementing Business Automation?

For a business with just a few employees, a single-user desktop application - such as MS Excel or Outlook - may be all that's needed to keep track of your business. But there comes a point in an organisation’s development, however, when sharing business information across teams or departments makes more sense strategically and also offers greater efficiency as the number of customer increases.

Though there is no fixed rule, but we’ve repeatedly seen that the magic number for any company is somewhere between 6-9 employees. That’s the time when the business operations start getting little bit complex and lack of internal processes and inefficient manual activities tend to hurt business growth.

With a good Business Automation Solution, you spend less time managing your business and more time growing and eventually making it profitable.

Centralised customer database

You met Joe and you shared names cards and things went very well and within few days Joe asked you to fax him your formal quotation and oops… what’s Joe’s fax number… where is Joe’s name card. Yup you can call him and ask, but what will he think?

Having the contact information of all your customers, leads or general contacts in one central location, save any business the valuable few minutes, locating the phone, email or fax number and not to say the embarrassment asking Joe, again.

Just putting a simple process, of storing all new name cards anybody in your company gets in one common system that anybody who needs it, can get in a few clicks.

And why just stop at the contact information track every interaction like email, sms, appointments, meetings and never miss a beat. Manage and build deeper relationships.

Everything together in one place

A key advantage having all your data centralised and accessible over the web is you can’t leave something on the wrong computer. You can get to it from anywhere and at any time. Safe, secure, and password protected, of course.

The days of flipping papers or from one excel to another are over once you implement a proper business automation solution. Everything you ever need to know about a customer is in one place, contact information, purchase history, service contracts, and even activities and information collected when contacting your prospects. Having all this info on your tips allow you to personalise your customers’ experiences and drive repeat business smoothly.

At times even if we flip various files and folders we may not find last quote send to customer or terms that user set for similar customer. Having the complete customer history is available along with customer details which makes search for relevant information so much easy. You’ll find it so much easy to prepare quote within may be few clicks and a perfect looking quote is ready to send, did I said from within the system… no need to even print or fax (Joe’s fax no?).

Since everyone you work with logs into the same centralised account, you have a single database with everything in one place. No more worrying about who has the latest information: Everyone has it.

What can you do with the Customer data

A lot of things. Filter all customers in Kuala Lumpur and send latest product promotion (which was only relevant to nearby guys, as they physically have to visit your place). Send customer auto birthday greetings mail by filtering data based on date of Birth, or better still set it so that system automatically sends it every day. Reminding you that there are few customers, whom you or your team has not called for more than 2 months or some of your customers are approaching their end of warranty dates…

And much more which we often overlook due to time involved in such tasks.

Is it easy to do

Not really, at least not in the beginning. But with a proper business automation solution, it becomes more structured and if users religiously practice to key-in every task into system, over the time easy also. Follow it as part of company policy to introduce new employee to the system along with other staff members. In due course, you’ll start seeing the difference this one simple decision would bring in to your company. You would realise that even if your employees move on, your customers would stay with you in your centralise customer database.

Improve your sales

More Revenue in Less Time

Implementing a proper Business Automation Solution improves company’s sales by streamlining the entire sales process and allowing sales team to respond faster and in more efficient way, without missing out on opportunities.

  1. Single View of Customer

    Access to a centralised, customisable view of sales and support activity along with complete customer history either online or offline and from any location using a Web browser.
    • Centralised, Up-to-date, Accessible Anywhere
    • Complete History at one place, help in refreshing before meetings
    • Getting New Sales guys up-to-mark in the shortest possible time
    • Avoid Support Issues vs. New Promotion Conflicts

  2. Shorter Sales Cycle

    Shorter sales cycles and improved close rates with tools that enable lead and opportunity management, workflow rules customisation for automated sales processes, quote creation and order management.
    • Automated Lead Capturing and standard process of management
    • Timely Notifications & Alerts, for proper follow ups
    • Faster & Accurate Creation & Delivery of Business Documents
    • Easier to talk to Customers, when they call and the specific person is not available

  3. Visibility & Decision Making

    Comprehensive reports that forecast sales, measure business activity and performance, track sales and service success, as well as identify trends, problems and opportunities.
    • Identifying Good Customers / Bad Customers
    • Fast or Slow Moving Products
    • Fast or Slow Moving Products

Enhance your support

Not Just Get, Retain them for Life Implementing a proper Business Automation Solution improves company’s customer retention and grows profit by enhancing customer service and taking good care of their customer needs.

  1. Know Your Customer - Build Customer Database

    • Knowing who your customers are
    • What they like / dislike, prefer?
    • Where do they hang out? Who influence them? How to reach them?

    How to get it
    • Loyalty Programmed
    • MLM Database
    • Customer Support database
    • Customer Survey, Feedbacks, etc.

  2. Talk to Your Customers - Track Every Interaction

    Though it’s not easy or possible but still, database is the KING
    • Sending out Emails or Receiving Emails
    • Phone, Faxes, SMS's
    • Social Networks, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    • Survey, Feedbacks

    How to do it
    • Policy to keep record of every interaction
    • SLA based response via different modes
    • Central database

  3. Analyzing Your Customers - Separating Wheat from Chaff

    Though it’s not easy or possible but still, database is the KING
    • Best Customers
      • Highest Revenue generating
      • Highest Profit generating
    • Worst Customers
    • Not Moving or In Active Customers

    How to use it
    • Run Targeted Campaigns / Promotions
    • Cross Selling
    • Up Selling

Empower your people

Give your Team, Tools for High performance Second CRM help companies improve their internal efficiencies and Staff Productivity by automating the routine tasks and making sure everybody knows what and when to do.

  1. How automation enhances team collaboration

    • Internal social network
      • Quotes, Invoices, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders
    • Important updates and birthday notifications
    • Quotes, Invoices, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders

  2. How automation enhances internal efficiencies

    • Automating Internal Operations
      • Personal & Shared Calendar (Meetings, Reminders, etc.)
      • Task Management (alerts, etc.)
      • Sending Email, Fax, SMS, directly from the PC
      • Leave management (Tracking holidays, leave allocation and balance, online approval process, etc)
      • Expense Tracking
    • Actionable Data
      • Extracting list of Customers, we never contacted since last 2 months
      • Or who have bought specific Product, etc.

  3. How automation enhances professionalism

    • Professionally looking Business documents
      • Quotes, Invoices, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders
    • Standardised Communications
      • Sending Email, Fax, SMS, using Standard Templates
    • Process Driven Interactions
      • Managing New Leads
      • Customer touch points, 3 days after sale, one week before end of free support, etc.
      • Automated Support Expiry Email (template based)
      • Automated Birthday Greetings, etc.

  4. End to End automation

    A complete business automation solution, allows streamline flow of information from Sales & Marketing to Operations to Customer Support, for managing end to end Customer relations.

    • Having some business functions still manually done, will create bottlenecks, dragging everyone else along with them
    • Not having everybody in your company on the same page, might lead to situations like Support Issues vs. New Promotion Conflicts

  5. Real-time reports anytime anywhere

    The business automation solution also provides you with several possibilities for evaluating your data according to criteria you have selected beforehand. With customised dashboard you have a graphical representation of your sales and service data.

    • Having information readily available to your people will allow them to take informed decisions, improving chances of success by many folds
    • Having access to a set of predefined reports available out of box, which they can easily customise for their needs, will save many valuable hours spent on preparing weekly or monthly reports for management meetings

Business anytime

When you use online centralised business software, your office is everywhere. At work, at home, a hotel, at a client’s office, even on your mobile phone. Your data is accessible anywhere with internet access.

Works with usual stuff

A proper Business Automation Solution doesn’t work in isolation. It must work with all the stuff businesses are already using, either out of the box or through some quick n easy API integration.

Basic integrations include, your website contact us or a landing page, for capturing online leads directly into the system. Accessing your email, contacts, calendar and your online documents, directly in the system, takes away the extra complexity in juggling multiple systems.

For integration with front end systems like ecommerce shops or the customer facing support website and the back office systems like accounting, finance or business intelligence, system must offers web API that can be used for any kind of data interchange, as required.

Second CRM is an award winning business automation solution, designed to make medium to large corporations more productive, by automating their business operations, using Internet and mobile technologies. Second CRM focuses on improving sales & marketing, customer support and operations.