Leave Management

Holidays and leave management

This is wonderful feature and very useful for admin to allocation yearly leaves for all the staff and also import New Year holidays list. From user end the leave request would be created and based on apply or approve status could be seen on user dashboard.

leave management

Leave management

Maintaining official holidays and allocation of yearly leaves for staff is easier with Second CRM. User can create a new leave request for manager to approve or reject and the real-time status could be seen on the dashboard.

Leave Allocation

It is very hard to refer back to the employee contract or shuffle in some excel to check the leave allocation for respective employee. With leave allocation module HR can allocate leave to employees based on Roles, Leave Type and total days. This auto prompt the employee while applying weather he is eligible for leave type and also pending leaves for it.


Holiday module is more of company calendar whereby HR can configure the list of holidays based on location and other influencing factors. This eliminates confusion and potential conflicts.

Apply Leave

This is most convenient part for the employees as they can apply for leave directly from the system looking upon their balance leave count and leave requests online. They can also view the corresponding status like pending, approved, declined or cancelled as shown below.

Leave Status

Everyone can real time view the status of the leave applied under the MY Account tab and the Admin can monitor leaves status for all users. This makes Second CRM exceptional, without any paperwork leaves are logged properly and can be reviewed anytime.

Leave dashboard

Second CRM dashboard widgets have the applied leave widget for faster and easy status update.

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