Customer Survey

Create Survey and Collect data to make smarter decisions

Powerful tool to design a survey and choose your target audience to get opinions and gather data.

online customer survey

Create surveys in minutes – Second CRM Survey is super easy

One Survey Tool, So many Questions

Second CRM’s survey platform allows you to easily set multiple choice questions in a survey. Our ready-to-use question builder make it easy to get started. Choose question and answers and options for respondents to choose from and gather relevant data for analysis.

Question Sequencing

You can easily update the sequence of the question to appear in the web form link and helps you to control multiple iterations while reviewing with your team.

Dynamic Answer Restrictions

Make specific questions required and provide parameters to each individual question's response in order to avoid the possibility of invalid or incomplete responses.

Custom Question Builder

We analysed that sometimes you need to ask very specific questions. Second CRM lets you input text boxes in your survey to invite respondents to give detailed comments and feedback, improving the quality of information received.

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Easily share your survey and Collect Response

Share Customer Survey

Easily share your customer survey via email, social media or embed it on your website.

Auto run survey with work-flow

Execute surveys to learn about everything from customer satisfaction to employee engagement. You can even set a workflow to automate the dispatch of survey links to customers upon closing a deal or service request.

Gather feedback throughout the customer lifecycle

Use surveys to create a feedback loop to improve performance. Sending out surveys at important customer touchpoints, such as following a customer inquiry call, helps you identify business strengths and weaknesses.

Profile leads and customers

Use data gathered from surveys to identify qualified leads and capture them in Second CRM. Surveys can also gather data such as company size and purchasing power, as well as gauge interest to identify prime sales targets, allowing you to focus efforts to boost sales accretion.

online customer survey report

Survey analytics and reports

Survey Response Reports

Survey responses are tied to contacts or companies and are logged back into system, allowing you to view the complete customer history in one page. Response analytics provides both a summary and detailed reports tool, helping you turn survey data into insights and create professional reports.

Trigger responses to survey results

Second CRM’s workflow and template functions allow you to set up triggered responses to survey results. Send out “we’re sorry” messages or schedule a call following negative customer responses to improve engagement and increase returns.

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