support features

SUPPORT features

Manage After Sales & Customer Support

Second CRM SUPPORT offers everything you need to deliver faster and helpful customer support. Get started and working in just hours, offer prioritized support wherever customers are, and easily scale as your business grows.

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Faster service means happier customers. Close your customer request faster.

Productivity tools

Today’s customers expect instant support. With Second CRM you can automate repetitive tasks and reduce the times agents spend on simple cases so they can spend more time solving complex issues.

Agent FAQ

Maintain an agent FAQ console, with an interactive interface that brings together requests from every channel to find answers and help customers quickly.

Auto capture requests from multiple support channels

Customers would be sending queries through numerous channels — from the traditional, such as phone and email; to the website and customer portal — to voice their opinions about your product. Auto capture all requests and queries from various channels into Second CRM service request for the agents to take action.

Close service request in record time

Second CRM SUPPORT offers faster, smarter service that will increase customer satisfaction, repeat business and referrals too.

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Get customer request Insight

Insight through every case, from every customer, every time. You get all the features you need to filter, respond and manage cases so you can help customers faster than ever before.

Track service request on priority

Customer expectations for service are rising every day. Being able to meet these new needs often means providing a type of prioritized service that goes above and beyond what your competitors can deliver.

Personalized Notifications for service contract renewals

Customer feels happier if he is informed in advance about his services expiry dates than when he comes for some support and is told that warranty or support is already expired. Today’s customers expect to have access to customer service on their terms. And that means replying them and informing them with regular alerts and updates about their contract renewals or customer request.

Scale easily with your growth

Second CRM is lot more than a CRM, helping automate many of your business operations, other than just sales, marketing and support and can be customized, meeting all business requirements and you still pay SAAS like pricing.

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It’s very easy to scale your growth plan with Second CRM which allows integration with all the apps you need to run your business so everyone can be more productive. Share key customer and business information so you can deliver an outstanding experience every time.

Connected Workflow

Workflow streamline your business process by automating operations such as sending birthday e-cards, customer satisfaction survey upon every sale and even reminder emails.

Self-Servicing Customer Portal

Customer Portal enables self-service to your customers and they can submit the service request in case of any issues. They can login to the customer portal to track the update on the service request and even update their contact details from the customer portal as when required. It helps you manage a proactive customer relationship.

Integrated Contact Centre (PABX on Cloud)

Second CRM VCC converges traditional telecom network with Internet network to provide a virtual contact centre platform. It is based on “Software-as-a-Service” model where customer can “lease” the service with one-call number and setup a contact centre anywhere in the world within 7 working days. Integrated with Second CRM, for Inbound & Outbound Call Logging and SMS from within the CRM along with real-time reporting using easy to use Excel Spreadsheet.

Plan and execute Surveys

Design your own survey and pick your target audience to launch and start seeing their responses.

second crm survey

Create multiple-type Questions and set question response

Second CRM survey platform easily allows you to set multiple type questions and answers with simple to select options and pre-setting your own response to analyze survey.

Auto run survey with work-flow

Execute surveys for learning about customer satisfaction to employee engagement. You can even set workflow to auto send survey link to customer upon every deal close or reported issue gets close.

Survey analytics and reports

Survey response are tied to contacts or company and are logged back into system to view complete customer history from one page. Response analytics provides both summary and details reports tool and helps you turn survey data into insights and create professional reports.

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Analytical reports and charts

There’s everything you need for business insights

Analytics for end user.

Explore any combination of data, get answers instantly, and share with your team. From any device, anywhere, faster than ever before.

Reports and charts for management

Deliver new insights to your business users wherever, and whenever they need them. Review drill down history or across module information for every opportunity at the speed of your business.

Second CRM is an award winning business automation solution, designed to make medium to large corporations more productive, by automating their business operations, using Internet and mobile technologies. Second CRM focuses on improving sales & marketing, customer support and operations.