Automated Email for Birthday Greeting

Below is the step for set up an automated email for birthday greetings in Second CRM.

  1. Edit an Email Template The birthday email template is already exist in Second CRM system, so user no need to create a new one. To view the email template, go to All > Tools > Email Template. Then, click the birthday greetings template. User can only edit the subject and content of the email template as shown below. As a strict reminder, user cannot edit or change the Contact’s [firstname] and [lastname] (highlighted below) because if you changed it, the first and last name of the contact will not appear. To insert an image into your email template, see Upload Image for step by step explanations. Figure 1: Edit an Email Template
  2. Setup a Scheduler In the CRM Setting > Others block > Scheduler, there is a birthday email scheduler which will run and send the email once the status is active. The frequency of the cron is 24 (it will run once a day). To change the scheduler status, click on pen icon under tools as shown below. Figure 2: Setup a Schedule
  3. Add birthdate in Contact Details In contact details, the email and birthdate field must be fill up to make the automate birthday greeting email working. Figure 3: Contact details

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