Google Configuration

Second CRM is integrated with Google where you can sync your calendar and contacts instantly. To do that, you need to setup Google Configuration by enable Google API and get the client ID from Google Developers Console.

To enable API:
  1. Go to Google Developers Console.
  2. Click on Use Google APIs as shown below:

    google API

  3. Popup box will appear where you need to key-in the project name and click Create button.

    google api project

  4. Wait until your project ready and you will see page as shown below. Under Google Apps APIs, click on Calendar APIs.

    google apps api

  5. Click on Enable button as shown below:

    enable api

  6. Click on Credentials on the left side bar and select OAuth client ID.


  7. Then, click on Configure Consent Screen.

    configure consent

  8. Key-in Second CRM under product name and click save.

    product name

  9. Then, choose Web Application as application type as shown below:


    Under Authorized JavaScript origins, add below URL . You need to change the highlighted red text with your instance name.

  10. Under Authorized redirect URLs copy url from the instance and paste.
  11. Once done, click create client id and below popup will appear.

    create client id

You need to repeat step 5-11 to enable API for Google Contact. For step 9, use below URL for Authorized JavaScript origins and change the highlighted red text with your instance name.

To add client id in Second CRM:
  1. Click on the    icon on the top right of the page.
  2. Click on Templates > Google Config on the left sidebar and your screen should appear as below:


  3. Click edit and copy client id and client secret from previous step and paste.

    add client id, client secret

  4. Once done click save.

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