Mail Server

If you wish to send e-mails from Second CRM or if you want to receive notifications, you must configure the mail server first.

All Second CRM users will use the same outgoing mail server. If a user sends an e-mail using Second CRM, the user's e-mail address as defined for each individual user at the user settings will be used automatically as the sending e-mail address.

To setup Mail Server:

  1. Click on the    icon at the top of page.
  2. On the left sidebar, click Other Settings > Mail Server Settingand click edit as shown below:


    Provide your Mail Server details and make sure that the server can be reached by Second CRM.


    Server Name Provide where is the actual domain name followed by port. For instance, gmail accepts ssl://
    User Name Provide your user name.
    Password Provide your password.
    From Email Emails will be sent from the email id you would specify in this field; else, emails will be sent via the email id of the current user.
    Requires Authentication Click on the check-box to enable authentication before sending an email.
  3. Once done, click Save.

Multiple from Address

The Multiple From Address function allows you to create a list of email addresses to select from when a user composes an email from within Second CRM. This allows the user to define who is listed in the “From” field when a record receives the email.


To add a new from email address to the list click the New From Email Address button as displayed in figure above.

Upon clicking the New From Email Address button, you will be redirected to the Edit New From Address page as shown in the figure below. Add relevant details and click the Save button.


To send an email, select one or more email recipients at the List View of any module. Click on Actions > Send Email as shown below.


A Compose Email pop-up will appear as shown in the figure below. You may select an email sender (From Address) from a dropdown list in the From field.


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