Profiles are used to control the actions that users can perform on records. In addition, profiles can be used to restrict access to specific fields, modules, and features such as import, export, etc. When a profile is associated to a role, the access rights defined in the profile will be applied across all users in that role.

To see the list of profiles in Second CRM, click on the    icon on the top right of the page to open the Admin Dashboard. Click on User Management > Profiles on the left sidebar, and your screen should appear as below:


  1. To create a new profile click the + Add Profile button in list view.

  2. Give the profile a unique name and a description for easy identification.

  3. Configure the access privileges for all modules by checking/un-checking the check boxes on the header row. This determines if the profile has permission to edit, view or delete selected data.

  4. Then, you can configure the profile related access privileges for each individual Second CRM module. You may select Create/Edit, View and Delete privileges as well as the modules the profile will have access to.

  5. Click on the v button in the Field and Tool Privileges column to edit viewing and editing permissions. Move the colored ball to the left of each field to define privileges:
    • Green: Represents Write. This means the user may modify the value in the associated field.
    • Orange: Represents Read Only. This means the user may only view but cannot make any modifications on the value.
    • Blue: Represents Invisible. This means the field is completely hidden and not visible to the user.

  6. Click Save to save your profile to Second CRM.

A Profile cannot be directly linked with users. You will need to associate a profile with a role; as a result, privileges are imposed to all users who belong to that role.

To set the role, Click User Management > Roles on the left sidebar. Then, select Assign privileges from existing profiles and enter the desired profile in the text box.


Click Save to save your changes.

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