The Roles administration feature enables you to create roles for your users to mimic your organization-wide hierarchy.

You can define access privileges while you create a role. The idea is to reduce clicks and navigation. Having privileges defined on a role eliminates the necessity to create a different profile and associate it to a role. Additionally, you need not visit individual profiles to view or modify privileges you have defined earlier.

  1. To see the hierarchical role view, click on the    icon on the top right of the page to open the Admin Dashboard. Click User Management > Roles on the left sidebar, and your screen should appear as below. Roles such as Management, Manager, and Staff are provided by default.

  2. roles

  3. To view available actions, move your computer mouse pointer over a role entry. Click on the + icon to add a new role. Your screen should appear as below:

  4. roles1

  5. Enter all relevant information. Fields marked with an asterisk [ * ] are mandatory.

  6. From here you can choose to either Assign privileges directly to Role or Assign privileges from existing profiles.
    • With Assign privileges directly to Role, you can view and select from privileges available to existing profiles as well as specify custom privileges as needed.
    • With Assign privileges from existing profiles, you can directly assign privileges from existing profiles, allowing the role to have the same privileges as those selected profiles.

  7. Once done, click Save to save the information and finish creating the new role.

Field Information

Table: List of master data entry fields for Roles
Name Provide a desired label for your role.
Reports To This field is auto-selected. The role superior to the current role is displayed here.
Assign privileges directly to a Role The access privileges can be defined here without having to create a new profile and assigned to your role.
Assign privileges from existing profiles Select from existing profiles to impose privileges defined on selected profile.
Copy privileges from If you have already defined permissions in an existing profile, you can populate them by selecting desired profile from the drop-down list.

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