Tax Calculations

In every phase of the sales process, Second CRM considers all types of taxes which may apply to the sale of products or services. This may include local, state or federal taxes as well as special taxes. These taxes can be calculated individually for each product or service to be sold, or may be calculated for the whole. You may include taxes when calculating prices for quotes, orders or invoices.

You may define as many additional taxes as you need but you cannot delete the default taxes that are provided with Second CRM. However, you may deactivate unneeded taxes by un-checking the appropriate checkboxes.


To add New Tax:

  1. Click on the    icon at the top of the page.
  2. On the left sidebar, click Other Settings > Tax Calculations.
  3. Click on the + Add New Tax button and enter your tax in percent (%) as shown in the figure below.


  4. Once done, click the Save button.

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