Workflows will streamline your business by automating operations like sending emails, creating activities, updating fields, etc. As tasks are performed automatically, you do not need to execute them manually.

For example, sending reminders to your customers once their account is about to expire or needs renewal. To set this reminder, click on the    icon at the top of page. On the left sidebar, click Automation> Workflows and you will see the screen as shown below:


The Second CRM administrator needs to setup the scheduler to specify when the created workflow should work and at what frequency. To test please inform the end user about the frequency set in scheduler.

To set up new Workflows, click on the + New Workflow button as shown below:


Then, follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Scheduling workflow
You will need to provide basic details that include selecting a module and scheduling workflows.


You will need to specify when would you like to run the workflow. Workflow running conditions are all predefined and you only have to choose the conditions that suit your requirements.

  • Only on the first save
    Triggers workflow on your first save ie., when you create a new record.

  • Until the first time the condition is true
    Triggers workflow if your condition (Step 2) is true. Once executed, your workflow will not trigger on the same record again. However, it will trigger actions on other records in the selected module.

  • Every time the record is saved
    Triggers workflow every time you will save your record—including first save.

  • Every time the record is modified
    Triggers workflow every time you edit and save your record—excluding first save.

  • Schedule
    Triggers workflow on a certain date.

STEP 2: Adding Conditions
Workflow will only be executed on the records that satisfy the conditions specified by you. You will find two different options while defining conditions as shown below.


Once done, click the NEXT button.

STEP 3: Adding Tasks
You can add tasks or actions that are to be performed upon meeting the specified conditions. Click the Add To Do button to open a drop down menu, and select the desired task.


Depending upon the Task you selected, there will be extra options for you to configure, as show below for Create To Do:


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