FAQs refer to a list of questions and answers which are by definition frequently asked, and pertain to particular issues. You can either convert Service Requests into FAQs, or create new FAQs to share with your customers and internal team.

How to use

You may create FAQ directly from [FAQ] module. This will require you to enter FAQ details manually. To create a new FAQ manually in Second CRM, follow below step:

  1. Go to All > Support > FAQ at the navigation area.
  2. Click on the + Add FAQ button as shown below:


    Once you have clicked the button, your screen should appear just like the figure below:


  3. Enter Service Request information. Fields marked with an asterisk [ * ] are mandatory.
  4. Once done, click the Save button to transfer your data to your Second CRM database.

A resolved Service Request can be converted to a FAQ record if a user forsees the need for it. This means that if a customer reports same issue, you need not have to solve it again. You can share the relevant FAQ instead, which would save time and effort.

To convert Service Request into a FAQ:

  1. Go to All > Support > Service Request at the navigation area.
  2. Open the desired Service Request record by clicking on the Service Request title.
  3. In the detail view of the record, click More > Convert as FAQ as shown below:


  4. Once done, click Save to save your FAQ to Second CRM.

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