Second CRM offers different home page widgets that will provide a graphical representation of current status and key performance indicators. As complete analysis of data is displayed on a single screen, decisions and conclusions can be monitored at a glance.


List of widgets displayed on Home page

  • Top Potentials - Detailed list of Potential records and revenues are displayed.
  • Leads by Status - Graphical representation of Leads are displayed according to the Lead Status.
  • Leads by Source - Graphical representation of Leads are displayed according to the Lead Source.
  • Leads by Industry - Graphical representation of Leads are displayed according to the Industry they belong to.
  • Overdue Activities - Displays the list of pending events and to dos.
  • Service Request by Status - Graphical representation of Service Requests are displayed according to their Status.
  • Open Service Request - Diagram displays open Service Requests assigned to different users in Second CRM.
  • Leaves - Displays list of employees currently on leave and any future leave.
  • Leaves pending Approval - Displays list of Leaves which are waiting for approval.
  • Timeline - It displays the operations performed on record in modules such as Create and Edit. It also displays the comments made on a record. As it displays complete history, it will help the administrators to track the changes made to records.
  • Upcoming Activities - It displays the list of Events and to dos that are scheduled to be completed in future. Upcoming Activities is a default widget and cannot be deleted.
  • Sales Funnel -Displays the list of Potentials on record according to their Sales Stage.
  • Potentials by Stage -Displays a graphical representation of Potentials on record, as assigned to different users according to Sales Stages.

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