Leads are the first phase in establishing a customer relationship. Your company may get leads from marketing activities such as trade shows, advertisements, websites, business cards, press releases or through a referral. At this phase you do not know whether this first contact will lead to a business opportunity.

If you create a Lead, you can capture the following customer related data:
  • Contact data for a single person or organization
  • Description of a lead
  • Assessment of the value of a particular lead for your company

This data will be stored as master lead data within Second CRM. Your administrator may modify the type and amount of master data necessary for your business. A lead is most likely the best starting point for you to enter customer data into Second CRM.

How to use

You may import or export the list of all leads. To use these functions you will need import or export privileges set by your Second CRM administrator.

To create a new lead manually in Second CRM, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to All > Sales > Leads or simply click on Leads at the navigation area.
  2. Click on the + Add Lead button as shown in below figure:

    add lead

    Once you have clicked the button, your screen should appear as below:

    Screen Top Area

  3. Enter Lead information. Fields marked with an asterisk [ * ] are mandatory.
  4. Once done, click the Save button to transfer your data to your Second CRM database.

To View Lead details information:

  1. Click on the lead name and the Lead summary will appear. In this page you will only see the summary for particular lead.
  2. To view full details, click on Show Full Details button or you can also click on Lead Details from the right tab as shown below:


  3. Once you click on the Lead details, your screen should appear just like below:


  4. If you have provided the full address information, you will see a map of the location by clicking on Google Map at the left side tab as shown in the figure below.


  5. The right side tab will display a view of the relations of the Lead module with other modules, and maintains a log of the Lead’s complete history in Second CRM.

You can perform the following operations by clicking on the Action drop down button in list view:
  • Select Edit to modify selected record(s).
  • Select Delete to delete selected record(s).
  • Select Add Comment to add a comment on selected record(s.)
  • Select Send Email to send out emails to selected Leads.
  • Select Send SMS to send out SMS to selected Leads
  • Select Import or Export to Import or Export a list of Leads.
  • Select Find Duplicates to locate records with duplicates of selected criteria. You can choose to merge records from here.

List of operations you can perform on detail view of a Lead record:
  • Click Edit to modify existing content.
  • Click Send Email to send an email to the Lead.
  • Click Convert Lead to convert a Lead into an Account/Contact/Potential.
  • Click on More > Delete to delete the existing Leads record.
  • Click on More > Duplicate to clone the existing Leads record.
  • Click on More > Add Document to attach a document to existing Leads record.
  • Click on More > Send SMS to send out an SMS to the Lead.
  • Click on More > Add Event to schedule a Call or Meeting.
  • Click on More > Add To Do to schedule a To do.

From your leads list, once you have recognized your new prospects or new potentials, you can convert them straight away without having to enter their information again in the system.

To convert Lead:

  1. Go to All > Sales > Leads or simply click on Leads at the navigation area.
  2. Click the name of any Lead in the list to open it in Summary View.
  3. Click on the Convert Lead button at the top of the page as shown in the figure below.


  4. As shown in the figure below, a pop-up page will appear shortly. Here the user has the choice to push the data to an Account/Contact/Potential, but ideally must check its potential and give a tentative close date to get a more realistic sales pipeline.


  5. Once finished entering the required data, click Save to store the data in Second CRM.

Related Module

Table: Related Module at Leads

Comments To view the Comments related to the Contact record.
Updates To view the modifications done to the Contact record.
Activities You may link this Lead with activities such as calls, meetings or tasks. Here you get a list of all activities related to this lead and you can create new activities.
Email Here you see a list of all e-mails you have sent to the contact of this lead or you may use the Email button to send an e-mail.
Documents You may add documents to leads. A document can be any type of file such as data sheets, contracts etc.
Products You may add information about the products which a lead refers to.
Campaigns You may select a campaign to which a lead is related.
Services You may add information about the services which a lead refers to.

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