Potentials are characterized by the fact that a potential customer has displayed an obvious interest in an offer by your company. The sales department expects that an offer can be made to this potential customer in the future.

If a potential arises from a new customer it is recommended that you create a Potential from a Lead. For a business opportunity which is not based on a Lead you can enter a new sales potential directly.

How to use

You may import or export the list of all potentials. To use these functions you will need import or export privileges set by your Second CRM administrator.

To create a new Potential manually, follow the steps below :

  1. Go to the All > Sales > Potentials or simply click on Potentials at the navigation area..
  2. Click on the + Add Potentials button as shown in the figure below:


    Once you have clicked the button, your screen should appear just like below:


  3. Enter Potential information. Fields marked with an asterisk [ * ] are mandatory.
  4. Once done, click the Save button to transfer your data to your Second CRM database.

To View Potential details information:

  1. Click on the potentials name and the Potentials summary will appear. In this page you will only see the summary for that particular potential.
  2. To view full details, click on the Show Full Details button or you can also click on Potential Details from the right tab as shown below:


  3. Once you open Potential Details, your screen should appear just like below:


  4. The right side tab will display a view of the relations of the Potentials module with other modules, and maintains a log of the Potential’s complete history in Second CRM.

You can also perform the following operations by clicking the Action drop down button in list view:
  • Select Edit to modify selected record(s).
  • Select Delete to delete selected record(s).
  • Select Add Comment to add a comment on selected record(s).
  • Select Send Email to send out emails to selected record(s).
  • Select Import or Export to Import or Export a list of Potentials.
  • Select Find Duplicates to find duplicate record(s).

List of operations you can perform on detail view of a Potential record:
  • Click Edit to modify existing content.
  • Click Send Email to send email to the Potential.
  • Click on More > Delete to delete the Potential record.
  • Click on More > Duplicate to clone the Potential record.
  • Click on More > Create Invoice to create an invoice from the Potential record.
  • Click on More > Create Quote to create a quotation from the Potential record.
  • Click on More > Add Event to schedule a Call or Meeting.
  • Click on More > Add To Do to schedule a To do.

Field Information

Table: List of default master data entry fields for Potentials
Potential Name You must give each potential a unique name. For a better overview it is recommended to include the account/contact name.
Account Name Insert an account name already stored in Second CRM by clicking the magnifying glass icon. You can also make a direct entry by clicking + icon.
Amount Set the amount of expected business from this Potential. Note that this amount will be used by Second CRM to determine if this Potential is listed on the Home page under the Top Potentials widget.
Type Select the type of this potential. The type definitions available can be configured by your Second CRM administrator.
Expected Close Date Select an expected close date for this business Potential.
Assigned To Select the owner of this potential. Usually this will be the selling user or group.
Sales Stage Select a sales stage. The stage definitions available can be configured by your Second CRM administrator. Every time you make progress in selling, you should update this entry.
Probability (%) Here you can enter the probability of success of the selling activity. You can enter any value from 0-99. 100 should be reserved for a concluded deal.

Related Module

Table: Related Module at Potentials
Comments To view the Comments related to the Potential.
Updates To view the modifications done to the Potential record.
Activities You may link this Potential with activities such as calls, meetings or tasks. Here you have a list of all activities and you can create new activities.
Contacts Here you see a list of contacts related to this Potential. You may add additional contacts already stored in Second CRM.
Products Here you can see a list of all products this potential is related to. You may select additional products from the data base or you can transfer a new product to the CRM system.
Content Library Here you can see a list of all uploaded documents related to this Potential. A document can be any type of file such as data sheets, contracts etc. You may add documents to this Potential by clicking + Add Document.
Quotes Here your quotes related to this potential are listed. If you create a new quote from here, all the potential's master data required for the quote will be transferred automatically.
Sales Order Here all your incoming sales orders related to this potential are listed. You might use Second CRM's capability to create sales orders to keep Second CRM up to date. This is especially helpful if quotes and sales orders are different.
Services You may add information about the services which a Potential refers to.

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