Price Books

Price Books gives you the ability to work with a number of different price lists, called price books. This is very helpful, for instance, if your company has different customer types which require different pricing. You may use special retail, distribution or end customer price lists, among others.

How to use

You may create a Price Book directly from the Price Books module. This will require you to enter Price Book details manually. To create a new Price Book manually in Second CRM, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to All > Product and Service > Price Books at the navigation area.
  2. Click on the + Add Price Book button as shown below:


    Once you have clicked the button, your screen should appear just like below:


  3. Enter Price Book information. Fields marked with an asterisk [ * ] are mandatory.
  4. Once done, click the Save button to transfer your data to your Second CRM database.

You may add any number of Products/Services to your price book, as shown in the steps below. Adding a Service follows the same steps.

  1. Go to All > Product & Service > Price Books at the navigation area.
  2. Open the desired Price Books record.
  3. In the detail view of the record, click the Products tab from the list of tabs on the right and click on the Select Products button as shown below:


  4. A new window will open where you can choose the Products you want to add to this price book by selecting the corresponding check-box as shown below:


  5. Once done, click on the + Add to PriceBooks button .

To View Price Books details information:

  1. Click on the Price Book name and your screen should appear just like below:


  2. The right side tab will display a view of the relations of the Price Books module with other modules, and maintains a log of the Price Book’s complete history in Second CRM.

You can perform following operations by clicking on the Actions drop down button in list view:
  • Select Edit to modify selected record(s).
  • Select Delete to delete selected record(s).

List of operations you can perform on detail view of a Price Book record:
  • Click Edit to modify existing content.
  • Click More > Delete to delete the record.
  • Click More > Duplicate to clone the record.

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