Quotes is a formal statement issued by a seller to the prospective buyer upon inquiry or request for a quotation.

A quote relies on your product and/or service catalog and the appropriate price lists. Thus, you must have captured your products and services and as well as your prices in the Second CRM before you can create a quote.

How to use

You may create a quote directly from the Quotes module. This will require that you set all references, for instance to a sales potential, manually.

To create a new Quote manually, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the All > Sales > Quotes or simply click on Quotes at the navigation area.
  2. Click on the + Add Quotes button as shown below:


    Once you have clicked the button, your screen should appear just like the figure below:


  3. Enter Quote information. Fields marked with an asterisk [ * ] are mandatory.
  4. Once done, click the [Save] button to transfer your data to your Second CRM database.

You can create a quotation from the Accounts module. You may chose this way for an automatic transfer of the account master data to the quote.

To create a new quote from the Accounts module:

  1. Go to the Account > click on Account name > click Quotes at the tab on the right.
  2. Click on the + Add Quotes button as shown in the figure below:


  3. Enter Quote information. Fields marked with an asterisk [ * ] are mandatory.
  4. Once done, click the [Save] button to transfer your data to your Second CRM database.

There must be an existing product or service catalog in Second CRM before you can create a Quote.

You can use the book icon to select the price from your price book entries. This is especially useful if you maintain various price lists for different types of customers.

The Item Details block gives you the flexibility to add Products/Services, manage different prices through Price Books, offer discounts and include local/state/federal taxes as well as special taxes.

You can click on the box icon in the Item Name column to select a product, or click on + Add Service followed by the globe icon to select a service from the product or services catalog. Click on + Add Product/Service again to add another product or service.


Tax Mode

For taxes, it can be calculated individually for each product or service, or calculated for the whole. Before you select items for your Quote, you need to decide what tax mode applies to your offer. Second CRM supports an Individual and a Group tax mode.

In the figure below , you see the entry details in the Individual tax mode. With this tax mode you may set different taxes for each individual product or service you offer.


In the figure below, you see the entry details in the Group tax mode. Here the overall tax is calculated after all products or services has been entered.


In List View, you can hover your mouse over the Potential or Account name to see a snapshot of their details. Click on the Potential or Account name to be navigated to the Detail View of that Potential/Account.

To View Quote details information:

  1. Click on the Quote's name and your screen should appear just like below:


  2. The right side tab will display a view of the relations of the Quotes module with other modules, and maintains a log of the Quote’s complete history in Second CRM.

You can also perform the following operations by clicking on the Action drop down button in list view:
  • Select Edit to modify selected record(s).
  • Select Delete to delete selected record(s).
  • Select Import or Export to Import or Export a list of Quotes.
  • Select Find Duplicates to find duplicate record(s).

List of operations you can perform on detail view of a Quote record:
  • Click Edit button to modify field information.
  • Click More > Delete to delete the Quote record.
  • Click More > Duplicate to clone the Quote record.
  • Click More > Export to PDF to export the Quote record in PDF format.
  • Click More > Send Email with PDF to send email with the record in PDF format.
  • Click More > Generate Invoice to create an Invoice from Quote.
  • Click More > Generate Sales Order to create a Sales Order from the Quote.

Field Information

Table: List of default master data entry fields for quotes
Potential Name You may select the name of a sales potential that refers to this quote.
Quote stage Second CRM allows you to set different stages in creating the quote. This is useful, for instance, if the quote needs to be approved by another user.
Valid Until Enter the expiry date of this quote.
Contact Name You may select a contact name here.
Carrier If you have to send goods, you may select a carrier here.
Shipping You may add additional shipping information such as the approximate shipping date for internal use.
Inventory Manager If you use Second CRM to maintain your inventory, you may select the inventory manager here. The inventory manager will receive an automatically generated e-mail by Second CRM that informs them about this quote as soon you hit the Save button. Your Second CRM administrator may change these settings.
Account Name You have to refer your quote to an existing account. Second CRM will get the address information from this account and will automatically fill in the corresponding fields at this entry page.
Company Details Select the relevant company details from the available list.
Terms & Conditions Select the relevant terms and conditions from the available list.

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