Service Request

Service Requests, also known as Tickets, are any kind of customer service requests that occur after sales. It offers the support team the flexibility to create, communicate, edit, and close the case after the right solution is delivered to the customer.

How to use

You may import or export the list of all Service Requests. To use these functions you will need import or export privileges set by your Second CRM administrator.

To create a new Service Request manually in Second CRM, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to All > Support > Service Request at the navigation area.
  2. Click on the + Add Service Request button as shown in the figure below:


    Once you have clicked the button, your screen should appear just like below:


  3. Enter Service Request information. Fields marked with an asterisk [ * ] are mandatory.
  4. Once done, click the Save button to transfer your data to your Second CRM database.

To View Service Request details information:

  1. Click on the Service Request title and the Service Request summary will appear. In this page you will only see the summary for particular Service Request.
  2. To view full details, click on the Show Full Details button, or click on Service Request Details from the tab on the right as shown below:


  3. Once you click the Service Request details, your screen should appear just like below:


  4. The right side tab will display a view of the relations of the Service Requests module with other modules, and maintains a log of the Service Request’s complete history in Second CRM.

Service Request History

In this part of the module, the user can view who was involved in this particular service request. Additionally, if the current user assigned to the Service Request is taking very long to close the issue, a manager can reassign the request to another user to expedite its closing.

To View Service Request History:

  1. Go to All > Support > Service Request at the navigation area.
  2. In the Service Request summary page, click Updates from the tab on the right as shown below:


Service Request Status

A Second CRM user can filter the service request based on status or priority and take action accordingly as shown in the figure below:


You can perform the following operations by clicking on the Action drop down button in list view:
  • Select Edit to modify selected record(s).
  • Select Delete to delete selected record(s).
  • Select Add Comment to add a comment on selected record(s).
  • Select Import or Export to Import or Export a list of Service Requests.
  • Select Find Duplicate to find duplicate record(s).

List of operations you can perform on detail view of Service Request record:
  • Click Edit to modify selected record(s)
  • Click More > Delete to delete selected record(s)
  • Click More > Duplicate to clone the existing record(s)
  • Click More > Convert to FAQ to convert the Service Request to a FAQ.

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