Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation is vital in making medium to large corporations in Malaysia and Singapore improve its efficiency and profitability. As the organization grows, processes becomes even more complex. This is when the digital transformation process has to kick in. Marketing and sales force automation has to happen with the introduction of the “Cloud First” Strategy to Malaysia national agenda. The adoption of cloud technology has been proven fundamental to an organisation’s digital transformation especially in Malaysia and Singapore.


Marketing Automation

In today’s digital world, you have got to digitally transform the way you do things in order to reach a greater audience. Create highly engaging marketing campaigns that generates quality leads, nurture them and pass them over to the sales team for follow up.

Basic Online Presence Is Not Enough For Digital Transformation In Malaysia and Singapore audience. You have to digitally track all your events, campaigns and advertising by accurately identifying what works best and execute marketing plans that maximizes your ROI.


Sales Force Automation

To achieve top sales, it is essential to manage your entire sales force effectively. With Second CRM, your entire database of customers follows you wherever you go. Second CRM is a system that enables you to manage the entire sales force from pre-sales to post-sales, enabling you to access information anywhere anytime, quickly recap last conversations just before that important meeting and close deals faster.

As a Sales Manager, there’s a wealth of charts and reports that’s automated. With in-depth insights, now you can make better decisions when it comes to managing your sales force and drive your business to seal more deals.


Billing & Payments

Track invoices, payments and statuses of daily collections without even getting into the nitty gritty details on a transactional level. Digitise this entire process and let Second CRM manage the backend work for you by automating the entire billing cycle. Churn a myriad of reports on the go that would give you the needed edge to make meaningful decisions that would help you take your organization to that next level.


Customer Service & Engagement

Customers are the core of every business and keeping them happy, would be the greatest challenge that organisations strive to achieve. With Second CRM, you could achieve this by automating many of the processes and providing state of the art technology to your customers’ for their convenience. All interactions and touch points are recorded in the system, escalations and work flows kick in and your customers are never left out to dry.



Whether you’re managing your resources for a particular project or your daily resource planning, Second CRM has a module that takes care of all these needs. Right from planning, communication management, tasks management, escalations for approvals, project dashboards and right up to reporting, all of these are well addressed within this module.


Human Resource

When the number of employees increases, it then becomes difficult to manage leave. Not only does it become tedious, you would also find it tedious to manage your minimum resource levels that is needed for the daily operations. With Second CRM, you can now apply, track, manage and approve all leave applications online. Employees are able to check the statuses of their leave applications along with the remaining leaves for the year. Managers can also manage their departments more efficiently by accurately knowing the exact number of headcount at any one point in time.

What our clients are saying

Managing our corporate clients has never been easier. Second CRM is such a powerful tool and its very user friendly.

Muhammad Zaki Kamaruddin


Our operations have now been totally streamlined. No more messy spreadsheets, overlooked billing and servicing.

Abdul Halim


The Second CRM team listens to our requirements, understands our needs and comes up with a solution that is tailored to solve our problems.



Don’t compromise your growth with manual operations or using isolated apps.

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