What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a technology that allows you to have all your customers information on a common platform, to easily manage sales, marketing and service interactions.

Whether you are just starting or a bit grown up, Second CRM is perfect for businesses looking to kick start their digital transformation journey – at a fraction of the cost.

Here’s what makes Second CRM the Asia’s most preferred CRM

  • Our products support all Asian languages, currencies, taxation, other local regulation
  • Our team supports customers in all Asian languages, using email, local phone number or even on Whatsapp
  • Our software works with most of the Asian providers for cloud, sms, email, payroll, accounting and payment
  • We have a huge experience working with 100’s of small, medium and large customers, across multiple Asian countries
We Live in Asia, Speak Asian languages and have a Mission to make Asian Businesses more Productive!!

Second CRM Products



Empower your staff with
Foundation tools to Go Digital

Popular Features

  • Customer Management
  • Employee Management
  • Office Automation


Give your sales team, world class
Sales Automation tools

Popular Features

  • Lead Management
  • Billing and Payments
  • Sales Reporting


Give your service team, world class
Service Automation tools

Popular Features

  • Customer Management
  • Helpdesk Management
  • Customer Service Reporting

We’re growing the team

If you love helping businesses go digital and have a passion for creating value, join us.

Trusted by Hundreds of Customers in Asia

Your data is safe and best of all, completely secure.


With bank-level Security and daily backups, your data is always safe and secure with Second CRM.

Never worry about losing data. Instead, focus on scaling and growing your business.

What our clients are saying

It’s been a pleasant journey with Second CRM for the past few years. The team is extremely helpful, especially providing customization, support and advice to meet our requirements. Big thumbs up to the team for the great service!

Jessica Tham

MedKlinn International Sdn Bhd

Second CRM is a great tool for us to manage our leads through the sales funnel, and track leads conversion. Their technical & support team is always ready to assist whenever needed too!

Ahmad Hazri Mohamed Ariz

Multimedia University (MMU)

The web based Second CRM provides a central platform which serves the needs of our sales & marketing teams among various countries. Their support team is very professional with timely responses to our queries.

Mr. Joseph Ong

All Measure Technology

How To Manage Employees Remotely and Increase Productivity

Live and On Demand Webinar Session For Business Leaders and Managers


How To Manage Employees Remotely and Increase Productivity


Live and On Demand Webinar Session For Business Leaders and Managers

Group 667

Second CRM Integrations

Integrate now with your choice of business solution for marketing collabration, messaging and more

Second CRM Integrations

Group 667

Integrate now with your choice of business solution for marketing collaboration, messaging and more

Get up to 80% off your Second CRM software package (SG)
Get 80% off your Second CRM package (SG)