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Get started with the very basic automation features and then slowly add more advanced features like sales force automation and customer service, as you become ready to scale.

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Empower your staff with Foundation tools to Go Digital

Get 5 free users forever

$5 $4.25 /month /user

Annual billing Save 15%
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Customer Management

  • Centralize Customer Database
  • Plan and Track Customer interactions
  • Calendaring and Reminders
  • Tasks Management (Kanban)
  • Manage Multiple Email Accounts
  • Send Bulk Email and SMS

Employee Management

  • Centralized Employee database
  • Employee directory & Messaging
  • HR Policy documents
  • Leaves Management
  • Claims Management
  • Passport and Visa expiry alerts

Office Automation

  • Meetings Management
  • Document Management
  • Company Announcements
  • Message Board
  • Manage Office Bills
  • Expense Management
  • Analytical Reports and Charts
  • Custom Dashboards

Optional SECOND CRM Add-Ons

Subscribe to a single user for even a month or mix and match add-ons.


Give your sales team, world class Sales Automation tools

$30 $25.50 /month /user

Annual billing Save 15%
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Leads Management

  • Capture leads from email, website and social media
  • Append your Leads info with powerful data enrichment
  • Manage sales team and track activities
  • Manage follow ups (appointments, meetings, reminders)
  • Track opportunities and sales pipeline
  • Email and SMS Campaigns to keep your leads warm

Billing and Payments

  • Generate and send quotes and invoices
  • Manage sales orders and delivery orders
  • Manage payments and receipts
  • Sync data with accounting software

Sales Reporting

  • Generate sales reports and charts
  • Set sales target and track performance
  • Custom dashboards and widgets
  • Schedule sending reports via email


Give your service team, world class Service Automation tools

$30 $25.50 /month /user

Annual billing Save 15%
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Customer Management

  • Segment customers for better Account Management
  • Manage support team and track activities
  • Customer selfservice portal for creating and tracking service requests

Helpdesk Management

  • Manage service contracts with expiry alerts
  • Track customer requests (tickets) with escalation
  • Email automation - auto response, ticket creation and assignment
  • Manage FAQ's and Knowledge base
  • Customer service via WhatsApp

Customer Service Reporting

  • Generate service reports and charts
  • Design and execute customer survey (CSAT, NPS)
  • Custom dashboards and widgets
  • Schedule sending reports via email

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No Setup Fee. Monthly fee includes user licence, hosting, technical support, daily backups, bug fixes, updates and online video trainings. If you are looking for a preconfigured solution for your industry, please check Second CRM for Industries.

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Second CRM Foundation

Foundation is for everyone in your company to be on a Common Digital Platform

Second CRM Add-ons

Add-Ons give additional features to employees in the specific roles.

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Why Second CRM plans are not like others in the market?
The idea of Foundation tools to Go Digital is for everyone in the company to be on a common digital platform, regardless of one’s functional role and then additional permissions can be assigned to specific users, depending upon their roles, like sales and customer service.

There’s no reason for you to purchase FULL Sales, Service or Marketing plans for everyone in the organisation, but all MUST be part of the same common digital platform, hence Second CRM Foundation.

What is the deal with Second CRM Free Subscription?
Second CRM Free Subscription is a full featured plan, absolutely FREE and includes 5 foundation users to try out all features, together with your team.

No credit card is required to sign up for Second CRM Free Subscription, but if you want to add more users you must upgrade to the premium subscription, with the required number of users.

What is the fee I need to pay for using Second CRM?
Though this depends upon the total number of users and features you require. The premium subscription starts from US$50 per month, which allows up to 5 Foundation users (or US$87.50 per month for 10 users). In addition, say you take 1 SALES add-on, add US$30 per month to your monthly bill, and so on.

There are discounts, if you pay in advance for six months or a year, or if you have lot of employees (more than 30), there’s volume discount as well.

You can use the Price Calculator, to estimate the fee for using Second CRM.

Are there any setup fees?
Nope. There are no setup fees for any subscription plan. Though there are optional Implementation Support Packs, if you need professional help in initial setup like configuring screens, workflows, data import, or need your users to be trained on how to use or administer Second CRM, etc, you can buy one of those.


Do I still need to subscribe to Foundation, if I just need the sales modules?
As suggested in the name also, Second CRM Foundation is for everyone in the company to be on a common digital platform and is a prerequisite to subscribe to any of the Second CRM Add-Ons.
Do I have to subscribe to equal number of Add-ons, as I have users in my Foundation plan?
No. Though it depends. Let’s say you have a total staff of 30, among them 5 are sales guys and also say 5 customer service guys. In this scenario, you’ll subscribe to 30 Foundation users and 5 add-ons each for SALES and SERVICE, which you’ll assign to the users, who need these features, respectively.

You can also assign multiple add-ons to the same user, if it requires to access both Sales and Service features.

Second CRM Add-Ons doesn’t give you any new user licence, they only offer additional features that can be assigned to any existing Foundation user.

Can I have different billing cycle for my add-ons?
Yes. You will have separate subscription plans for Foundation and the Add-Ons, with possible different billing cycles, if required. The idea here is that Foundation is for everyone in the company and likely long term, add-ons will be only for some users and can be short term also, maybe just for few months, giving added flexibility.


Does Second CRM has a big learning curve?
Second CRM is designed to be user-friendly. With the exception of a few advanced features, you’ll be up and running with Second CRM in minutes.

Of course, knowing your business processes will help you get maximum value out of Second CRM. If you’re confused or need help, you can always refer to our User Manuals, Training videos or in-app contextual help. If you need additional help, our support team is always here to help!

Are there any maintenance or upgrade fees?
Second CRM subscription fee covers everything, including your right to use the system, application upgrades, bug fixes, customer support, server maintenance, daily backups, hosting, online video trainings, etc.

However, we do offer many premium services, which require additional fees.

Is there any minimum or ideal size of the Company to use Second CRM?
The ideal size of company, in terms of staff, which can benefit from using Second CRM, is anywhere between 10-150 employees, though we have many customers using Second CRM, with less than 10 staff as well, you want to start your business on the right Foundation, right? ?
What kinds of payment do you accept?
We only accept credit/debit card payments. We process every transaction using our highly secure, PCI compliant credit card processing facility – so there’s no need to worry!
Can I cancel anytime?
If you do choose to cancel your subscription before the free subscription is upgraded to the premium subscription, you will never be charged. But if you decide to cancel after you upgraded, refunds will be processed as per our Cancellation and Refund Policy.