Insurance CRM Software

Build Trusted Relationships with Policyholders

Launch new products faster, sell policies online, manage claims efficiently, and improve customer engagement for lasting relationships.


Multi facets system to support policyholders regardless of their location, maximizing responsiveness and creating a more integrated service environment.

Empowers the team to bring new products faster to market and give policyholders access to purchase policies online, check policy status and renew, download policy documents and create service requests.


  • Working with multiple partners in selling Policies and consolidating in a single system.
  • Delays in processing claims and having unhappy customers.
  • Rising costs of printing conventional insurance certificates.
  • Overly burdened and unhappy operations team.
  • Unable to reach out and sell to the youth of today.
  • Difficulty managing multitude of documentation and contracts

Insurance Distribution Software

If you are looking for more than a CRM, we like to recommend Agiliux, which offers specialised software solutions for Insurance Companies, Brokers, Agencies and Banks.


Agiliux is on a mission to digitalise and transform Insurance distribution, by offering software solutions to Insurance Companies, Brokers, Agencies and Banks to improve their insurance distribution operations and enhance customer experience.

For more details check the Agiliux website.