Call Centre Automation

Assign Leads to Call Centre Agents - Call Centre Automation

Auto Assign leads to Call Centre Agents

The automated ticket distribution system rotate phone duty automatically in Second CRM call centre automation and set pause times for your call centre agents and let them rest when needed .

Update Call Status - Call Centre Automation

Update Call Status

Notes taken while on a call are automatically added to the interaction history of the customer who called, allowing agents to go back and reference key points from the call through call centre automation.

Set Callback Reminders - Call Centre Automation

Set Callback Reminders

At the time of the call back, a call back reminder window will pop up on the call centre agent's computer through automation.

Call Log Status - Call Centre Automation

Generate Call Log Status Reports

Our call centre automation allows the view of a complete record of incoming and outgoing business phone calls, including the time, date, and duration of the call.

Integrated Telephony System - Call Centre Automation

Integrate with Telephony System (CTI)

Data collected from the telephone systems can be populated instantaneously in the customer service representative screen for easy access to caller's details.


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