Multi channel retailing software

Manage Retail Information across multi channel - Multi Channel Retailing Software

Manage Retail Information across multi channel

Consumers are interacting with and transacting on multiple devices, in multi channels daily. Second CRM provide a multi channel retailing software in central place to manage complex customer information, providing a single view of your customers.

Track Lead by Source - Multi Channel Retailing Software

Track Retail Activity across multi channels

From acquiring lead to finished transaction, you can track the sales ROI for each channel in your retail. Now you allocate marketing budget and sales attention to each consecutive sales channel.

Detail Payment Report  - Multi Channel Retailing Software

Daily Retail Sales and Payment Reconcialiation across multi channel

A daily report can be generated from the software which shows you the status of every retail-visit and payment done on a real-time basis from multi channel.

Issue Purchase Order  - Multi Channel Retailing Software

Centralised retail order processing from multi channel retailing software

Issue purchase orders (POs) that automatically create corresponding sales orders and releases to other entities of the company from this multi channel retailing software.


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