Abacus Malaysia has been Asia’s leading provider of travel solutions and services since 1988. Geared by experienced and professional people in the airline and travel industry, this well-esteemed company is devoted to developing and supplying their customers with wide range of innovative products that suit their business and technological needs. Abacus Malaysia aimed to create better customer experiences, optimist business operations and enhance competitiveness in the industry. Driven by a constant motivation to provide tailored support and service to each individual market, the organization has successfully expanded their business to 24 markets with over 20 000 agency locations across Asia.

User Requirements

Abacus Malaysia was having problem in keeping track and managing the information of all their clients. Due to the scattered database stored by each department, work was often delayed. The company immediately realized that they need a system that is able to synchronize data between departments while providing easy and quick access to any information from anywhere at any time. The manual process of inserting data further hampered Abacus’s performance as it reduced the productivity of their staffs. This well-established company was also looking for a CRM solution to record their customer profile and agreement, to track service order and to manage problem tracker.


Second CRM was given the opportunity to help Abacus Malaysia with their operational needs and requirements.

  • The company was lacking of centralized information system and Second CRM assisted them in migrating their data from the existing disparate system into one consolidate database.
  • Second CRM also made it possible for Abacus to integrate the CRM with other systems in order to facilitate intra-department communication. If there are changes in the database, an email notifications will be sent to the respective departments with complete details of the transaction and the next required action to take.
  • For a company like Abacus, customers are the main drive for their organization. Based upon this thought, Second CRM designed a centralized database of all their customers in which contained the complete profile, status and Last Mile information. This easy and quick access of information lets the company focuses on a more important aspect of the business rather than searching through thousands of duplicated data records. Besides that, the Customer Code created in SCMC are sync with Second CRM on a daily basis.
  • Abacus used the Service Order module in the CRM to help them maintain and update the Service Order History. Once the service order has been approved by the company’s sales team, a new record will automatically be created in the Movement History module with respective ‘Equipment’ and ‘Quantity’. The system will then send an email notification to the Logistic department with the ‘Movement History Record ID’ for them to update required details in the Movement History module.
  • The Agreement module in the CRM allows Abacus to store details of the Customer Agreement Contract such as the Start Date, End Date and Tier Information proficiently. Not only that, using the import feature available in the CRM, the company can upload the copy of the actual agreement into the system.
  • Before the implementation of Second CRM, Abacus Malaysia was having problem in keeping up to date with issues that were logged in to them. Since there are no proper channel of handling the tickets submitted, they were unable to assign the reported problems accordingly. Using the Problem Tracker module in the CRM, Abacus can now easily view all reported problems, the closure status and the SLA reports.

The customization features of the Second CRM make it easy to fine tune the system to meet the unique demands of companies in the industry as it has successfully helped Abacus Malaysia organize its business development and operations.

Second CRM is an award winning business automation solution, designed to make medium to large corporations more productive, by automating their business operations, using Internet and mobile technologies. Second CRM focuses on improving sales & marketing, customer support and operations.