The Abyres Group of Companies is a leading Enterprise Open Source solution provider that brings extensive experience, innovation and value to their customers in the areas of cloud computing and virtualisation, databases, middleware integration, data protection and desktop management. They have been been in the IT industry since 1997, and have been expanding ever since.


Second CRM is a great online solution and an easily learned application that is hassle free. It reduces a whole heap of time and more importantly, cost.
- Mohamad Jamal Suleiman

User Requirements

Abyres needed a way to efficiently manage everything about their day-to-day business – from tracking opportunities, client accounts to quotes and reports. Their previous way of storing client data, with Excel spreadsheets, were insufficient for their needs when moving up to bigger and better clientele. Instead of simply lumping everything in Excel spreadsheets, Abyres wanted a way to quickly and accurately categorise contacts according to their level of business and their stage in the sales process.

Additionally, being a business that deals in computer hardware as well as a variety of support services, Abyres needed a way to efficiently manage service requests. Providing quick, quality support is key to them, and they needed a system that was up to the challenge of helping them do so.

Another key functionality Abyres was interested in was reports. As a company that operates on an industrial scale, being able to immediately read and access information, as well as being able to drill down in reports to get the details is very important to them. A system with a powerful and adaptable reports generator that could neatly present any information required of it was needed.


  • Abyres uses Second CRM’s Accounts and Contacts modules to store client higher data, while organising other business opportunities in the Leads and Potentials modules. Doing so has helped them keep focused in their sales efforts, as being able to accurately prioritise certain opportunities over others enables them to accurately read potentials and maximise the number of closed deals.
  • Abyres took advantage of Second CRM’s import function to make transferring data from one storage system to another simple and easy, which saved them countless hours of tedious data entry.
  • They also use Second CRM’s sales functions to generate documents such as quotes and sales orders. Documenting a client’s movements through the sales process is almost effortless with the ability to seamlessly convert a quote to a sales order and so on.
    Making Second CRM a repository for all business documents also makes future references easy, with the use of the search tool and filtering. Used properly, all stored documents are neatly organised and efficiently managed, enabling Abyres to keep track of everything business related.
  • Second CRM’s Service Requests module was greatly appreciated by Abyres, as it allowed them to accurately monitor the various stages of customer support, making sure service is conducted quickly and efficiently.
  • Second CRM’s reports generation functionality was more than adequate for Abyres’ needs. It has enabled them to accurately forecast sales and review individual employee as well as overall performance, enabling them to efficiently monitor business operations.

Abyres first implemented Second CRM in June 2012, and have since upgraded to the Enterprise edition, allowing us to expand with them.

Second CRM is an award winning business automation solution, designed to make medium to large corporations more productive, by automating their business operations, using Internet and mobile technologies. Second CRM focuses on improving sales & marketing, customer support and operations.