IX Telecom

IX Telecom

IX Telecom is a well-known provider in the Global Virtual Network Operator (VNO) industry. Ever since its establishment, IX Telecom has always been working on improvising a conventional VNO model to suit the needs of today’s market demands. Their services offer momentous opportunities with strong emphasis on value creation, design flexibility and network robustness. Catering amongst the largest global telecom operators, system integrators and solution providers, IX Telecom’s team are well-equipped with broad and extensive experience in the global telecommunication and ICT field. Driven by strong desires for constant improvement, the IX Telecom’s team has acquired a continuous progressive skill sets to meet the waves of technology transformation.


After a short amount of time learning and using this software, it matches our needs almost like a glove. Along with efficient technical and product support.
- Nur Safrina Mohd Syahril


IX Telecom had been using non-automated systems such as Excel and Outlook to keep track and manage all their correspond information with all the data was tied to a specific physical machine. This proved to be a real hassle when it comes to sharing the customer data despite being in the same department due to the lack of integration between one another. The information was always delayed, taking up the time for processing, as everyone had to wait for colleagues to enter their data and synchronize. These ineffective ways of data managing has led IX Telecom to realize the needs for a robust and integrated system that would not only lessen their workloads, but also increase the efficiency of running their business.


  • Previously, IX Telecom has been using MYOB to store all their Accounts and Invoice data. After the implementation of the Second CRM, the company takes full advantage of its importing and exporting features which gives them the ability to import their Accounts and Contacts database from MYOB into one single consolidated system. Ever since, Second CRM has become a one-stop solution to all their Customer data management problems.
  • Their sales team uses the CRM to create quotations, where the manager will automatically receive an e-mail for each quote that needs to be approved. These emails notifications are set using the CRM workflow management. Second CRM allows IX Telecom to generate their invoices in multi-currency pricing after they have finalized the delivery order (DO) to the customers. The ability to send the quotations and invoices to their customers via e-mail in the pdf format, help in saving paper printing and faxing expenses, along with improving the efficiency.
  • Second CRM understands that maintaining a good rapport with the suppliers is an essential key to businesses like IX Telecom. Therefore, it does not only assist the company in managing their sales, it also helps them organize each of their purchase activities through the available Purchasing modules. All of the IX Telecom’s purchase information are stored in this module, where they can directly generate the purchase order to be issued to the supplier according to the provided details.
  • IX Telecom records each and every one of their sales activities using the Second CRM’s Project module. Under this module, they can set the basic details regarding the project, such as Start Date and Target End Date. In layman’s term, the Project module is like a control tower in which they can view and monitor everything related to the sales; from its Actual End Date, to Status and Progress of the project.


Easy to use and flexibility in Second CRM allows IX Telecom to fully utilize the capabilities of Second CRM to maintain and track various business information in one central system that will enable their business to function effectively and efficiently.


Second CRM is an award winning business automation solution, designed to make medium to large corporations more productive, by automating their business operations, using Internet and mobile technologies. Second CRM focuses on improving sales & marketing, customer support and operations.