Optima Innovations

Optima Innovations

Since 1998, Optima Innovations have been paving the road in forging a path for companies both big and small on the World Wide Web. Not only have an energetic, experienced, and creatively inspired team, they also embrace the latest of cutting-edge Web technology and applications.


Second CRM’S interface is nicely designed and addresses our various needs in a CRM. It is user friendly and adaptable to my requirements. I recommend it as it helps us a lot in managing our data to improve sales in the long run.
- Ng Keen Yeap, Daniel

Optima Innovations are a total e-solutions provider – they offer the most complete suite of online services to solidify your company’s position ahead of your competitors and position your company to grow, evolve, and resonate with your target audience.

Second CRM is an award winning business automation solution, designed to make medium to large corporations more productive, by automating their business operations, using Internet and mobile technologies. Second CRM focuses on improving sales & marketing, customer support and operations.