REDmoney Group

REDmoney Group

REDmoney is a financial based media company with a specific focus on the global Islamic finance industry, providing media services across three core divisions of events, publishing and training. Launched in 2004, the firm currently has offices in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur where both offering an unrivalled multi-channel service across the full spectrum of the global financial markets. REDmoney proposes unequalled access to the elite of the industry with relationships built up over a decade of trusted communication with market leaders to provide a detailed network covering every aspect of Islamic financial services.

User Requirements

Before opting for another CRM solution, REDmoney entrusted their whole business process to GoldMine. However, since the system is not an on-cloud solution, it offered no flexibility to access the data stored in the CRM from anywhere on the globe at any time. The organization was struggling to ensure the coherency and consistency of data between their two firms in Dubai and Malaysia. The lack of harmonization in the information collected has led to a critical redundancy problem. As a company that strive on efficiency and precision, redundancy is an intolerable waste that reduces the productivity of the organization. This matter has set this well-established company on path to look for a better solution that would allow them to manage their business wisely.


REDmoney switched to Second CRM to help them organize their team, clients and databases. With the implementation of Second CRM, the company can easily synchronize the information between Dubai and Malaysia while ensuring data consistency throughout their whole business process.

  • With the Account and Contact modules, REDmoney can effortlessly track their clients’ subscription, training and event, and the status of their subscribers. They can also send out automatic e-mail on their upcoming events and trainings to their subscribers directly from the module.
  • The Proposal module is a customized module that allows the REDmoney’s aspiring team to propose their products to the customers with no hassle of preparing loads of paperwork. With only a click of a mouse, they can generate a quotation-like .pdf and send it out to their clients.
  • Using the Activity and E-mail modules, the organization are able to track their business activities effectively, including the current events and trainings they are working on and how many days left before the next activities.
  • Besides that, REDmoney also took advantage of the capability of Second CRM to generate reports efficiently to stay updated with their subscribers from around the world based on the media in Asia, Africa, America, Europe, and Middle East.

Second CRM is an award winning business automation solution, designed to make medium to large corporations more productive, by automating their business operations, using Internet and mobile technologies. Second CRM focuses on improving sales & marketing, customer support and operations.