Salespeer is a Sales Management tool built specifically for small businesses looking at automating their processes. Right from lead management, this solution is built with a myriad of workflows, approvals and escalation processes that manages the sales pipeline in a healthy, clean and uncluttered fashion. All customer touch points which includes calls, emails, meetings, appointments and even tasks are handled with ease. Salespeer also provides a complex calendaring function that handles scheduling of tasks and appointments. Not only does Salespeer automate the presales function, it even has the extended capability of handling post sales activities right up to invoicing, all in one central application.


After just a few discussions, Second CRM was able to totally understand our requirements. Not only were they our technology partner, they even guided us based on their industry knowledge and  digitally transformed our operations.
- Rashid Mansor

The Challenge

Being in the SaaS business, there were a number of challenges that Salespeer faced and they were looking for a reliable solution that could help address all their pain points. After having evaluated a number of CRM systems, they decided to work with Second CRM. Some of their pain points are as follows.

  • One of the challenges that was critical to their business was managing subscriptions which includes but not limited to start date / end date and keeping tab of this within the system was key to their business. Being a SaaS company, this piece of information is vital to their billing and failure to do so translates to only one thing and that is failure to bill their customers on time.
  • Managing users within their platform was another major issue that Salespeer faced. It was almost impossible for them to accurately keep track of these and being a subscription driven business, this is another vital activity that they would need to keep track. Failure to do so not only reflects their billing, but it could also translate into reduced customer satisfaction which invariably means possible loss of customers.
  • Being a platform that caters for small businesses, most of their businesses prefer making online payments via credit card. This does not always go smoothly and there could be a host of reasons including connectivity issues. Having had to manage this whole process which covers transaction failures, retries as well as communicating this information back to their clients became an arduous task.


The Solution

The experience of having worked with a few hundred customers over the last eight years had given Second CRM an industry breadth and depth that is exceptional across multiple areas and we had garnered all these experiences to provide Salespeer with the best technology partnership and to resolve all their pain points.

  • The first thing that Second CRM did was to automate their end to end processes. This includes right from the initial point of enquiry, kicking in a complex workflow that takes the enquiry to the next level by automatically assigning it to the right person in the organization. Then, it tracks and manages all touchpoints, reflects it accordingly in the pipeline, manages conversions, subscriptions and payments; all in a single platform. This doesn’t stop there and even goes on to managing issues and customer service interactions that happened post subscription.
  • Using the Subscription Management Module that had been built specifically for SaaS businesses, Second CRM was able to seamlessly manage this core component of Salespeer’s business. This includes automation of subscription activation / deactivation, renewals, adding new subscribers, removing subscribers and managing service periods. This in itself was a huge burden that was lifted off Salespeer’s shoulder and they could continue doing what they do best.
  • Second CRM also helped automate the payment cycle for Salespeer’s subscribers via our Online Payment Module. Be it online banking or credit card payment, the end to end payment cycle was taken care off and this includes issuance of invoices, receipts and even automated communication of payment disruptions to subscribers of Salespeer via email and SMS.
  • Using Second CRM’s Document Management Module, Salespeer’s User Guides, Step By Step Instructions and FAQ’s were stored in a central repository which was easily managed in a single location and this was automatically made available in their website and Customer Portals.
  • Salespeer could easily add remove documents and even hide / unhide documents with just a tick. This drastically reduced the load on their Customer Service personnel who previously had to send these one by one to subscribers as and when issues were raised.
  • Besides the above, Second CRM had also built a Customer Service Portal that enables Salespeer’s customers to login issues online. This drastically cuts down red tape, enables their customers to lodge issues anytime anywhere and not having to wait till the next business day for someone to be available on the other end of the telephone. This enriched the total customer experience and helped Salespeer increase their retention rates.

Once again, Second CRM has managed to successfully address all pain points and challenges for Salespeer and had also enhanced the overall customer experience for Salespeer’s customers thus proving itself to be the right technology partner.


Second CRM is an award winning business automation solution, designed to make medium to large corporations more productive, by automating their business operations, using Internet and mobile technologies. Second CRM focuses on improving sales & marketing, customer support and operations.