WWF Malaysia

WWF Malaysia

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Second CRM team are both knowledgeable about their products as well as responsive and will bend backwards to accommodate even “extreme” demands from their customers.
- Srikrishna Vadrevu

User Requirements

SigMax-E collaborated with Soft Solvers Solution to implement CRM and call centre and SMS gateway solution for their customer, WWF-Malaysia. The team of environmentalist were working on collecting donation for their DRTV campaign and they were looking for a portal where all information on the campaign including pledges and donors details could reside and simple workflow automation could be used to minimize manual efforts.


Soft Solvers Solution worked together with their partners, Converged Solutions – a cloud call centre service provider and iSentric – a mobile messaging solution, to accommodate the needs of both WWF-Malaysia and SigMax-E.

  • WWF-Malaysia broadcasted the campaign over the television and the radio station to garner support for their cause. Concerned citizens can make their donation via SMS by sending in either RM5 or RM10 in which the related campaign will automatically be detected by the CRM system. Once the pledge is made, WWF-Malaysia will receive the SMS along with the donors’ phone numbers. Using the collected information, the team can easily make a call to the donors to confirm their pledges.
  • After the donation has been confirmed, WWF-Malaysia can generate a receipt for the donors in the .pdf format from the CRM. This is especially helpful since the team are dealing with a large number of interested pledges. The integration between Second CRM and iSentric made it easier for them to receive SMS in bulk, regardless of service provider.
  • Besides that, WWF-Malaysia also has their very own customized reports where they can either export the desired report in the .pdf format or print a hardcopy version of it. All of the organization’s progress and report card for every campaigns, SMS and contact are stored in the Report module, in which they can easily view according to preferred transaction.


Whether it is providing solution for managing data or integrating between a CRM and a call centre, Second CRM had successfully helped WWF-Malaysia in improving the way they have been organizing their conservation and preservation activities. Thanks to the flexibility of the Second CRM, nature can now speaks freely.


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