Manufacturing & Distribution

Manufacturing & Distribution

Manufacturing & Distribution companies are very diverse, but, depending on the vertical range of manufacture, they face similar challenges. For today’s manufacturing business, products don’t provide as much differentiation as they used to, price cutting doesn’t create a sustainable advantage, and many companies have reached parity in terms of lowering operating costs. What they need to complete in today’s world is new way of doing things.

Creating a seamless flow of information from its centralized marketing to be able to channel the leads to its distributors or retails to the timely fulfillment of orders and processing of any warranty claims. And that’s exactly what you can do by implementing a business automation solution.

Some of the Challenges

  1. Gathering the customer information, Inability to stay in touch with the actual consumers, due to the channel selling, understanding and managing expectations and keeping the customer happy.
  2. Inability of business software to handle multiple sales/distribution channels had slowed order processing and caused major disruptions in filing customer records.
  3. Lack of integration between accounting and customer records caused delays in tracking receivables because of process complexities introduced through manual data entry.
  4. Keep track of any warranty, repair, or service issues and ensure that nothing gets overlooked.
  5. Time spent by staff searching answers to fairly basic questions from customers.

How Second CRM can help

There are many modules and features in Second CRM that can be implemented to take care of the specific challenges of a manufacturer or distribution company, including many out of the box and some specially configured or customized for specific needs:

second crm dashboard

Centralised lead generation & assignment

  • Lead management and automated routing – consolidate leads from email, website forms, and social networks and automatically feed your distributors or resellers with interested contacts without delay and track where the win has come from
  • Keep healthy flow of information between your direct sales and the partners’ sales team, help closing sales faster

Online warranty registration and claim processing

  • Easy to integrate online warranty registration form inside your website for customers to fill on their own and capture complete details in your backend system, allowing manufacturers to build closer relationship with actual or end consumers
  • Tracking warranty expiry dates for your customers, with automated notifications for extending support or to purchase extended warranty
  • Allowing customers to apply for claims online for faster processing and improving customer retention and loyalty

Contract management

  • Manage contract and renewals with suppliers, distributors etc in a centralised location
  • Readily accessible for anyone to know the terms or expiry date, etc
  • Tracking contract expiry dates, with automated notifications at the time of renewal or extension, never miss the date, helps in better relations

auto capture service request

Timely customer support

  • Customer service module – resolves problems instantly to avoid any knock-on effects of customer issues
  • Customer portal for self-servicing customers, for serving them anytime anywhere and saving precious human resources too
  • Customer feedback and continuous improvement is critical for growing your customer satisfaction, using Second CRM Survey module comes really handy

Other benefits

  • Maintaining Client Information and History – capture and track all activities and information relating to your clients in centralized system
  • Track and log conversations – improve time management and best practices through automation of everyday tasks and hotlists
  • Document management – keep all electronic documents in one central location
  • Comprehensive reporting - simplify your information with real-time, easy to read reports with graphics for better management
  • Access anywhere – utilize management, customer service and sales modules via any mobile or web-enabled tablet
  • Role based Access – who has access to which information or document for which customer

Tip: You don’t have to automate every business function from day one, you can implement system slowly in phases, giving your team time to learn and adapt.

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